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Accompanying partners

As an international member of staff at Aarhus University, you and your family are likely to have a variety of questions regarding your stay in Denmark. The International Academic Staff Services at Aarhus University is happy to provide information and personal assistance.

AU Expat Partner Programme

The Partner Career Coach Programme provides customised career counselling to expat partners. You will be coached during the transition phase and can participate in network events to support your new life in Denmark.

Target group

The programme is offered to the spouses and partners of international researchers relocating to Denmark for a position at AU from postdoc level.

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Danish Classes

Aarhus University offers free Danish courses for AU staff and accompanying spouse/partners. The courses are a good way to prepare for the Danish job market, get integrated into Danish society and expand your network. The main offers are the two-week intensive course and full semester course. 

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Job Seeking

If you are an accompanying spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner of an International PhD student or researcher, Aarhus University can provide assistance if you would like to work during your stay in Denmark. 

Work in Denmark has a spouse programme to assist you to find a job and facilitate your entrance into the Danish job market.

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Your own business

Starting your own business in Denmark is fairly easy. You need to be sure to get all the formalities in order, and you should seek help and information at your nearest regional Business Link centres (Erhvervscenter orVæksthus). 

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Relocation Officer and Expat Partner Advisor
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