Your own Business

Start up your own business in Denmark

Starting your own business in Denmark is fairly easy. You need to be sure to get all the formalities in order, and you should seek help and information at your nearest regional Business Link centres (Erhvervscenter or Væksthus). The following pages might be helpful:

Find information, tools, templates and examples to start a business in Denmark:

When you start up a business in Denmark you must register at the Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT). You can read more about starting a business on the SKAT website.

Types of businesses in Denmark

Enkeltmandsvirksomheder sole proprietor
Interessentskab (I/S) partnership
Kommanditselskab (K/S) limited partnership
Aktieselskab (A/S) public limited company
Anpartsselskab (APS) private limited company
Andelsselskab (AMBA) limited liability cooperative
Udenlandsk filial branch office of foreign company


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