Emergency number: Call 112

In the event of serious injury or life-threatening illness or emergencies such as injury or fire, or if you urgently require police assistance, call the emergency call centre on telephone number 112. The number is the same no matter where you are in Denmark.

Read more about emergency medical assistance here.

Contacts for emergency services

Emergency medical assistance

Is it a serious injury or life-threatening illness? Is it urgent? Can it wait?

Read about where to go, and which numbers you can call in the case of emergency.

Emergency doctor services (Vagtlægen)

You can call the emergency doctor service if you need medical attention outside your General Practitioner’s opening hours.

Emergency doctor service in your region

The number for the emergency doctor in the following regions:

  • In Central Denmark Region: +45 70 11 31 31
  • In Capital Region of Denmark: +45 70 25 00 41
  • In Region Zealand: +45 70 15 07 00
  • In Region of Southern Denmark: +45 70 11 07 07
  • In The North Denmark Region: +45 70 15 03 00

You can also find the telephone number of your regional emergency doctor service on your municipal authority’s website or at www.laegevagten.dk.

Emergency dental services (Tandlægevagten)

There are different numbers to the emergency dental service (Tandlægevagten) depending on what region you are in.

You can find the telephone number of the regional emergency dental service on your municipal authority’s website or at www.tandlaegeforeningen.dk.

After-hours pharmacy services

There are 11 twenty-four hour pharmacies (Døgnåbne Apoteker) in eleven towns and cities in the country. 
In addition to the 24-hours pharmacies, 39 pharmacies offer partial after-hours service (Delvis vagttjeneste) or emergency services (Vagttjeneste). A pharmacy which offers partial after-hours service is open for a few hours outside of normal opening hours, at weekends and on public holidays. Pharmacies which offer emergency services only deal with urgent matters after hours. Call one of these pharmacies to arrange an appointment.
Below is a list of the pharmacies which offer partial after-hour services and emergency services in:

Opening hours for after-hours pharmacies in major cities

All days 6-24.
Aarhus Løve Apotek

Opening hours for after-hours pharmacies in medium-sized cities

Everyday: 8-21. Saturdays: regular opening hours as well as 8-9 and 18-21. Sundays and public holidays: 10-15. 
Herning Løve Apotek
Holstebro Svane Apotek 
Horsens Løve Apotek 
Silkeborg Svane Apotek 
Viborg Svane Apotek

The national 24-hour pharmacy, Steno Apotek, in Copenhagen, is open 24 hours a day. 

See the current opening hours for pharmacies (in Danish).

Emergency medicine needed when the pharmacy is closed?

The after-hours at the pharmacies stops by midnight. If you get medication regularly, it is a good idea to make sure that you always have enough medicine at home until the pharmacy opens again. If you urgently need medication when the pharmacy is closed, call the Central Denmark Medical Service on telephone +45 70 11 31 31.

Emergency rooms and emergency clinics

Remember to call and make an appointment before you meet up. These are selected emergency rooms where the AU has departments. Find more information on emergencies in Denmark here. 

AarhusHorsens Viborg
HerningRanders Silkeborg      

Contacting the police

You will find the address and contact information of the different regional police stations on the Danish national police website.

Whatever your location in Denmark is, you can contact the local police by calling 114.
In case of emergency, call 112.

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