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Foulum International Help Desk

Our Services

Get assistance with all practical matters related to coming to Denmark

Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate the Danish system, thus, our international service coordinator, Helle Karvonen, is here to assist you. Helle is able to assist you in the following areas: registration with the public authorities, opening of a bank account, tax issues/getting a tax card, housing, insurance, pension and Danish and English courses. This service is aimed at international employees, their families, and guests connected to Foulum.

Upon arrival we provide you with a welcome package containing important on-arrival information and general information about what both Denmark and Aarhus University have to offer during your stay.

Foulum will host relevant events (both professional and social) for internationals during the semesters. You can always ask for information about the events and how to sign up at our help desk. See the coming events.  

The help desk for internationals was set up in September 2013 as a response to a growing number of internationals coming to campus Foulum. It is a local extension of the International Academic Staff help desk in Aarhus. The help desk is working in close collaboration with the International Academic Staff department in Aarhus and the PhD Secretaries in Foulum.

I provide assistance with the following:


  • Information about practical matters regarding: 
    • pension
    • insurance
    • understanding your payslip
    • taxation
    • Danish courses
    • Viborg private international school
    • International kindergarten in Viborg

Opening hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

News and Events

Foulum hosts both professional and social events for internationals, these events are held during the semester at Foulum campus. The professional events are organised by Helle Karvonen, whereas the social events are organized by the International Club (AU Foulum).

Read more about news and events at AU Foulum/Viborg

Meet the Danes/Internationals

AU Foulum International Club

The International Club aims at promoting a social environment for both internationals and Danes. The club plans, organises and initiates English language activities for the benefit of foreign and Danish staff and PhD students. There are plans for talks, walks, parties, and excursions on the club's agenda.

Read more about the Foulum International Club

Career options

Agro Business Park

Agro Business Park is Denmark’s only science park focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation within agriculture, food processing, bioenergy, and environment technology.

Agro Business Park functions as an incubator. Hence they offer facilities, guidance, and network for knowledge-based start-up businesses in the agro-science sector.

  • Facilities include a reception, IT, meeting rooms, and social activities.
  • Guidance covers competent feedback, business development, finance opportunities, projects, and help with accounting.
  • Network provides you with useful contacts within the agro-science industry.

 For more detailed information about Agro Business Park visit their website.


The Business Council for Viborg

The business council wants to promote and strengthen the development of businesses in Viborg Municipality. They facilitate contacts and assist entrepeuneurs. Their activities cover seminars, meetings, courses, conferences, award shows etc. which focus on Viborg and business.   

For further information have a look at their website -  

Practical matters

You can find more information about practical matters via this link.


For administrators

The following information is targeted at administrators who assist international academic staff at Campus Foulum. Thus, the information is in Danish.

Read information for Administrators

The main entrance at Campus Foulum

Helle Karvonen

International Coordinator
H bldg. Foulum A14, 3081
P +4587151253
P +4540265495

Opening hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00-15:00

4265 / i43