News and Events

Foulum hosts both professional and social events for internationals, these events are held during the semester at Foulum campus. The professional events are organised by Helle Karvonen, whereas the social events are organized by the International Club (AU Foulum).


International Evening 11 May 2017

Share and enjoy exotic food and fun with your colleagues.


Meet the Danes/Internationals

In Spring 2014 DCA and International helpdesk established the event "Meet the Danes", which means you can sign up as host for an international student for a short or long period and the international student can sign up to visit Danish host families.

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Professional events


Every Thursday

Registration with the public authorities at Citizen Service in Viborg

January - June


Danish course


December 13, 2016

 Job Search for Spouses in Foulum

January 14, 2016

 How do the Danes socialize ? /Jakob Steensig

May 5, 2015

 Careers after PhD program/Jehan Ettema from Simherd A/S and Anne Bundgaard from Viborgegnens Erhvervsråd

October 9, 2014

 Go digital Viborg/Foulum

September - December 2014

 Danish course in AU Foulum

June week 25 & 26, 2014

 Danish crash course in Foulum

April 2, 2014

Seminar - "JA-The association of graduates in agricultural science" and "Aarhus University, Denmark and the Weird Danes" 

November 26, 2013

 "A career after your PhD Study and the advanges of Unions"

October 30, 2013

Welcome to Denmark / Introduction to pension funds

Social events



January 17 Nature walk/Ejner Serup
January 27 Cooking class/Cancelled
February 14 Nature walk/Ejner Serup
March 2-3 Table tennis tournament
March 13 Nature walk
April 9 City sightseeing/Cancelled
April 17 Nature walk/Ejner Serup
April 29 International evening
May 8 Cooking class/Cancelled
May 22 Nature walk
June 18All day excursion
September 9-11 Weekend retreat
October 8 Nature walk
November 6 Nature walk
23-24 November Table tennis tournament
December 4 All day excursion



Visit Viborg

Viborg is the city near you. It is a lovely city with great shopping opportunities, nature, and events. Viborg is one of Denmark's oldest cities with traces back to antiquity. Vikings and Danish kings have put marks on the city in form of buildings and monuments. The cathedrahl is such a mark.   

Be updated with what is happening in Viborg at VisitViborg.  


Communities in Viborg

Communites aimed at internationals are also set up in Viborg. We recommend you to join these communities to strengthen your network in Denmark and to draw on each others experiences.

View of the lake
Viborg cathedral
Shopping streets