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Meet the Danes/Internationals

In Spring 2014 DCA and International helpdesk established the event "Meet the Danes", which means you can sign up as host for an international student for a short or long period and the international student can sign up to visit Danish host families.

We now want to relaunch this event and make a new procedure for how to sign up for this. We believe that the new procedure will make everybody feel more comfortable and it will allow us to see how frequently this event is used.

The intention is to invite international employees to visit Danish families, to welcome them to a typical Danish home and strengthen the relations between the Danes and our international colleagues. The visits should be quite simple – invite the students and or employees for a coffee or tea, or for dinner if you like. In Winter it could be for gløgg (a Scandinavian Christmas punch) and æbleskiver (Danish doughnuts) and in Summer maybe to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve. Or if you are interested in gardens show them your garden or your farm. There are many ideas and occasions, and the general idea is to keep it simple in order for both the Danish families and the internationals to arrange it.

New name and new procedure: Meet the Danes/Internationals

Host families: please send an e-mail to Helle Karvonen, if you are interested in being a host family and mention a little about your family and if you have any conditions.

Internationals: please send an e-mail to Helle Karvonen, if you want to visit a Danish family, please tell a little about yourself and if you have any conditions.

Once Helle receives an e-mail from students, she will contact a relevant host family to make the match. Next the host family will contact the student to make further arrangements.

For both internationals and host families: if you do not want to be a part of the "Meet the Danes/Internationals" programme please send an e-mail to to let me know.   

The above information is included as an enclosure to the folder "Welcome to Foulum".

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