A2B - Work, live and Speak Danish

Flexible and customized Danish courses

A2B is specialized in teaching Danish to highly educated professionals and you will experience a Danish course customized and tailored for your work life and everyday life at the university and in Denmark. 

The courses offer:

  • Flexible schedules at different hours of the day and on different weekdays to ensure that you can combine the courses with your work and private life in a balanced way.
  • Motivating learning environment
  • Education in small teams situated close to your workplace at the university.
  • Free access to a digital learning platform and learning materials that will enable you to speak and understand the Danish language fast and efficiently. 

The statutory courses have a final exam and you will get an official certificate, when you have completed the courses.

Danish course offers

Two-week intensive Danish course

The two week intensive Danish course has a focus on preparing you for work-life at the university and you will get a head start on learning Danish.

Classes will take place: 

  • All week days
  • In the morning, afternoon or evening
  • 4 hours a day 

Full Danish Course

A2B offers a full Danish course with a special focus on work-life with subjects relevant to your profession and themes related to highly educated staff. We also include topics about everyday life in Denmark, Danish society, culture and mind-set.

Nordic Neighbours

Nordic speakers can join courses for Nordic Citizens, which will focus on Danish grammar and pronunciation.  

Spouses and accompanying partners

A2B offers a full Danish course designed for spouses and accompanying partners. You will learn to speak and understand Danish, but the course will also help you to establish a social network and get on in everyday life. It will also help you professionally to identify job possibilities in Denmark and to write job-applications, résumé etc.

All courses combine classroom lectures with study group work and online studies at home.   


The Danish Education is divided into 5 modules. Each module has a cost of DKK 2,000.  

Danish on request

A2B also offers custom-made language courses on request. Maybe you want to focus on a specific subject or need one-on-one tutorials? These courses are normally not for free. 

A2B will guide you to the best solution.

Contact A2B to hear more

The voucher system

The purpose of the Danish voucher system is to motivate international citizens to complete their Danish education within a 3,5 years limit and to encourage class attendance so that you will learn the language and get a qualified introduction to Danish society. You are eligible for Danish education within 5 years from your arrival in Denmark.  

The number of vouchers you will get depends on the number of modules you need to complete in order to pass the final test. If you start at Level 3 Module 2, you will get the right to 5 vouchers, which enables you to complete 5 modules and take the final test.

The voucher system enables you to take a break, should you need it because of e.g. heavy workloads, traveling or maternity leave. You can take a break after passing a module and before you start a new module. You are required to inform A2B about any breaks when you finish a module, because the voucher system automatically continues.

Get started

The only thing you need to do to get started at an A2B Danish language course is to contact our International Coordinator to plan a telephone screening to decide your current level of Danish. Afterwards, you will be able to start a course.  

To speed up the process, we recommend you to fill out a screening form in advance:

If you are already enrolled at a language course at another language school, you can easily shift and attend the language courses at A2B. All you have to do is finish your current module.

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