Tailor-made Danish courses on Campus

Aarhus University and Lærdansk Aarhus offer Danish language courses for internationals at all levels. No matter what your current language skills and qualifications are, you will find a course and class that suits you.

We focus on everyday language. You will learn words and phrases that are immediately applicable to your life in Denmark both at work and off work. We believe this creates an engaging language education.

All our classes are taught by highly educated and experienced teachers to ensure a fast and efficient learning process. Within the first several weeks of studying, you will develop the basis of an active Danish vocabulary. Later on, while unfolding the language, you will gain insight into the Danish culture and local ways, while meeting other internationals from Aarhus University.

2 different schemes

We offer you Danish lessons through two official schemes at Aarhus University: Danish courses (FVU) for free or Danish Education for a fee.

Danish courses (FVU)

The first option is Danish courses taught through the official FVU system (stands for preparatory adult education). FVU is a series of five courses (Start, 1, 2, 3 and 4), which gives access to the same educations and tests as the Danish Education. With FVU you will gain Danish language skills above level B2.  

FVU does not fall under the Danish Education law and therefore has no strict rules on what subjects to cover. Therefore, teaching will be based on what is needed in your everyday life at work and in your free time.

After each course, it is possible to take a test. Tests are however not mandatory in order to continue to the next course/level. You are mainly tested in your writing skills, not in oral.

It is always possible to change between FVU and the Danish Education (within 5 years of initiating your Danish education) and it is always possible to do Prøve i Dansk 3 at a cost.  

The FVU courses require some basic knowledge of Danish before you can start. Lærdansk therefore offers a preparation course for FVU, which costs DKK 1250. In the end of the course you will do a screening before you can start the FVU course.  

Preparation course READY. STEADY.

Our preparation course starts from scratch, but in a matter of weeks you will be able to make yourself understood and continue in the FVU system.

You will learn to:

  • understand common words and phrases,
  • follow basic conversations in Danish,
  • give and receive short messages
  • use our online language learning portal

The preparation course READY. STEADY costs DKK 1250. It consists of 50 lessons (including online classes) and will take between 2-9 weeks to complete depending on your preferences.


We cannot guarantee that you will reach the sufficient level needed to start FVU after the preparation course. This depends largely on your own efforts during the course. But if you attend regularly and do the assignments, you should be able to reach this level.

Danish Education

The second option is Danish Education. It is the Danish language Education for internationals offered by the Municipality of Aarhus with a fee of 2,000 DKK per module (5-6 modules in total), plus a deposit of 1250 DKK. The fee is determined by governmental regulations. Payment is required to begin every module.

The Danish Education is organized in 5 modules. Each has specific goals for the Danish language skills that participants learn during the module. Between modules, there is a test that you must pass in order to continue to the next module. You can reach level B2 in the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR) when you pass ‘Prøve i Dansk 3’ after module 5.

The Danish Education is subject to a number of rules, please go here for further information: http://www.laerdansk.dk/en/courses/paid/vouchers

Course options

Crash Course in Danish

Kickstart your Danish language learning

The Crash Course is offered at a beginner level only and it is a fast lane into Danish language and culture. It consists of 50 lessons in class and online and the classes are held every day for two weeks. At the end of the course, the participants are encouraged to continue in a Full semester course.


The Crash Course costs 

  • DKK 2,000 plus a deposit of DKK 1250 (as part of the Danish Education scheme) 
  • DKK 1250 as a preparatory course READY.STEADY (qualifies you for the free Danish course FVU)

Time and place

  • Days Monday to Friday
  • Hours: 8.30 - 11.30 (2 weeks)
  • Location: International Centre Aarhus University, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4

Next up

  • Crash Course will be in week 36 and week 37, which is the first two weeks of September.

    The deadline for signing up for this course will be Sunday the 19th of August.

Sign up online

Full semester Course

Go all in with a full semester course

Two lessons twice a week will give you a through knowledge of Danish language and Danish culture. The course is a mix between class room and online lessons. The classes are designed specifically to international staff and their spouses.


  • The full semester course is offered as part of the FVU scheme for free. You need to know a little Danish to start at FVU. If you don't know Danish yet, you can start with the preparation course for FVU, which is called READY.STEADY. You can follow the preparation course twice a week, once a week or as a crash course. The READY.STEADY course cost DKK 1250.
  • The full semester course is also offered as part of the Danish Education scheme at a cost of DKK 2000 per module plus a deposit of DKK 1250.

Contact Lærdansk to hear more about the difference between FVU and the Danish Education or read more about the 2 different schemes

Time and place

  • Days: Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday
  • Hours: 16.15 - 17.45 or 18.00 - 19.30
  • Location: Nobel Park, Aarhus University, Jens Chr. Skous Vej 

Visit Lærdansk website for sign up and upcoming courses

Additional courses

Danish courses at Lærdansk school

Lærdansk offers courses during day, afternoon and evening at Lærdansks premises. For more information read here.


100% online education. Netdansk is a modern online tuition community which gives the participants a lot of flexibility. They are free to complete their homework and online activities where and whenever it suits them. 

Nordic citizens

Semester courses for Nordic citizens who understand the language but want to reduce their accent and focus on the pronunciation part of the language. Find out more here!  

Extra offers

The school provides several means of practicing the language together with Danish volunteers and other internationals through programs such as Conversation Training (Taldansk Café), Taldansk Online, Book Club, and Tandem Language Exchange. See the details about these offers here.
It is also possible to volunteer in one of the many programs. Please contact coordinator Jacob Møller for further information.

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