E104 form

When you leave Denmark to live in another EU country, some EU countries require documentation that you have been covered by health insurance in Denmark in order to be covered by health insurance in their country.

The E104 form proves that you were covered by Danish health care, and will shorten any waiting period to join the host country's health insurance. Only people who are leaving Denmark and have deregistered with the Citizen's Service can obtain the form. You get the form by contacting the public authorities in your home country, who should send the form E104 to Udbetaling Danmark. Udbetaling Danmark is the authority who administers questions relating to social security and international health insurance in Denmark. They will then send the E104 form to the public authorities in the home country. 

For more information about the E104 form, please contact Udbetaling Danmark, tel.: 70128081.

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