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Below is a checklist with information about what to do before, during and after your stay abroad. The checklist is meant to be a help and an inspiration, but it is not exhaustive.

Checklist when going abroad – before departure

  • Consider your accomodation in Denmark. Subletting it can be done via AU's Housing Office. Do you want to sell your property in Denmark? Leave it empty? (who will take care of the house?)
  • What is your situation with regard to tax?
  • What about social security?
  • What about accommodation?
  • What about home- and content insurances? (unsubscribe to the insurances that do not cover during your stay abroad)
  • What about unemployment insurance?
  • Unsubscribe at the population register “Folkeregistret” (if required)
  • Inform “Post Danmark” about your change of address
  • Obtain a work- and residence permit (if required)
  • Remember a valid passport
  • Apply for a visa (if required)
  • Remember to be vaccinated (if required). Check with your own doctor or Statens Serum Institut (the Danish Ministry of Health) to find out when and which vaccinations you need
  • Check if you need permission to bring pets
  • Apply for a research permission if you are going to do fieldwork
  • Investigate whether you have to pay customs on import/export of special equipment
  • Order relocation of your personal belongings
  • Find accommodation abroad
  • Find daycare/school for accompanying children
  • What is the accompanying spouse going to do?
  • Contact the International Centre at the university you are going to visit, to investigate what kind of information and service they offer.
  • Download the UM Rejseklar App (in Danish)

Checklist when going abroad – during the stay abroad

  • Remember to stay in contact with family and friends in Denmark
  • Remember to stay in contact with your professional network in Denmark
  • Register with the local authorities in the country of residence
  • Open up a bank account
  • Remember to hand in your “selvangivelse” in Denmark
  • Find a doctor in the country of residence
  • Find phone numbers for emergency calls in the country of residence
  • Find activities in the country of residence (fx. Danes Worldwide for support and networking)

Checklist when going abroad – travelling back home to Denmark

  • What is your situation with regard to tax?
  • What about accommodation in Denmark?
  • Remember to subscribe for home- and content insurance, if you unsubscribed during your stay abroad
  • What about unemployment insurance?
  • Subscribe at the population register “Folkeregistret” if you unsubscribed during the stay abroad
  • Order relocation of your personal belongings
  • Find childcare/school for accompanying children
  • Find a new doctor in Denmark, if you unsubscribed at the population register “Folkeregistret” during your stay abroad
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