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Acute medical assistance

Contacts for emergency services

Have a look at this list with numbers to call in event of serious injury or life-threatening illness.

Emergency 112

In any case of  serious injury or life-threatening illness or emergencies such as injury or fire, or if you urgently require police assistance, call the emergency call centre on telephone number 112. The number is the same no matter where in Denmark you are.

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Choosing a doctor

You choose your own doctor at the National Registry Office (Folkeregistret). When you fill in the forms for a health insurance certificate, you receive a list of general practitioners in your area of residence. If you belong to insurance group 1, you have to choose a permanent doctor. You are free to choose between the general practitioners who accept new patients, and these are indicated on the list. You can subsequently change doctor if you wish.

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Dental care

If you need dental treatment, you can freely choose whichever dentist you prefer. You must make an appointment in advance. If you need to see a dentist at the weekend or on public holidays, you can call the emergency dentist in your region. Be aware that dental treatment in Denmark is not free of charge. It is therefore a good idea to ask in advance what the treatment will cost. Children under the age of 18 receive free dental treatment from the municipal dental health services (Den Kommunale Tandplejeordning).
You can find a list of dentists in the yellow pages under tandlæger.

Outside opening hours
In case of an emergency outside office hours (8.00–16.00), you can visit the emergency dental service (Tandlægevagten).

You cannot make an appointment in advance.

Remember to bring your yellow health insurance card and cash or other form of payment. As with regular treatment, you can claim emergency treatment on your health insurance.

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Health insurance

Everyone residing in Denmark for more than three months has the right to receive national health service treatment for free. This means that as soon as you are a registered resident here, you have the same rights to medical assistance as Danish citizens.

The yellow health insurance certificate (sygesikringsbevis) is your documentation that you are entitled to health insurance services in Denmark.

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