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Aarhus University provides personal on-the-job injury insurance. This will cover you if you sustain an injury caused by the work or working conditions. AU employees, international visiting scholars and scientists as well as international visiting PhD students are covered.

However, it is your responsibility to take out private insurance on certain areas such as health, travel and personal liability to cover you while you are staying in Denmark.

In order to take out insurance in Denmark, usually you need a CPR number (civil registration number). If you stay in Denmark for less than 3 months, you cannot get a CPR number, and therefore it is difficult to take out private insurances in Denmark. Read more under Short term stays

AU covers you at work

Aarhus University covers you for worker’s compensation (personal on the job injury) insurance, if you sustain an injury caused by the work or working conditions.

The universiy also covers the expenses if you do damage (unintentionally) to AU property, on the job.

Persons covered

  • Employees with employment contract
  • Persons engaged in permanent, temporary or casual work, paid or unpaid
  • Persons who are employed to carry out work in Denmark, but who go on official trips of a short or long duration

Further information

Read more about personal injury and property damage on the Staff Portal under Insurance

Health insurance

Denmark has a comprehensive public healthcare system, including general practitioners, specialist practitioners, hospitals, doctors on call and more.

Public healthcare in Denmark is tax-financed and the vast majority of health services are free of charge for the users, such as hospital services and visits to general practitioners.

Read more about how you are covered by the Danish health care system

Guest researchers on short term stays are not covered by health care

Guest researchers and guest PhD students on short term stays (less than three months) are not covered by Danish health care (only emergency treatment). They need to take up private health care insurance. Read more under Private insurance

Blue EU Health Insurance Card (EU citizens only)

EU citizens and citizens from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are encouraged to bring the blue EU health insurance card with them from their home country. The EU health insurance card provides coverage within the EU for up to a year during holiday and work.

Read more under Health insurance

Unemployment insurance

In Denmark insurance against unemployment is voluntary.

If you want to be insured against unemployment, you must apply for admission into an unemployment insurance fund.

Read more about unemployment insurance

Compulsory and optional private insurances

It is your responsibility to take out private insurance on certain areas while you are staying in Denmark.

We highly recommend you to take out private insurance upon arrival to Denmark.

Read more about private insurance

AU Travel Insurance

If you need to travel in connection with your work (e.g. if you are attending a conference abroad), you will be covered by the Travel insurance policy for Danish government employees (Tjenesterejseforsikring). The insurance scheme is handled by the private insurance company Europæiske Rejseforsikring.

AU Travel Insurance cards can be issued to both Aarhus University employees and people not employed by Aarhus University if the university bears the travel expenses in full or in part.

The insurance only covers acute illness or an unexpected deterioration of existing or chronic illness and does not provide cover during holiday or leave. Routine examinations or scans (eg. in connection with pregnancy) are therefore not covered by this insurance.

As the Travel insurance policy for Danish government employees will not cover you while you are on holiday or on official leave (incl. sabbatical), you may consider buying private travel insurance.

Read more about the AU travel insurance

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