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Private insurance

There are many different insurance companies in Denmark. Some are open to all whereas others will only accept clients from certain sectors of employment. Prices vary from company to company so you should study the market carefully to compare prices.

The Danish Insurers' Information Service has published the booklet 'Insurance for everyday needs' which outlines the risks typically covered by the individual types of insurance as well as non-covered risks. The booklet also includes a section about the types of insurance that apply in the workplace. Read Insurance for everyday needs.

Compulsory insurance

In Denmark the following insurances are compulsory:

  • Third-party liability insurance if you own a car, motorcycle, scooter or moped
  • Third party insurance if you own a dog
  • Third party insurance if you own a horse

Recommended private insurances

We recommend basic insurance (familiens basisforsikring or indboforsikring), which consists of the following insurances.

  • Third-party/liability insurance (ansvarsforsikring): this insurance covers any losses you might have if you have to pay compensation to another person.
  • Home insurance (indboforsikring): insurance of your personal belongings against fire, theft and water damage.
  • Travel insurance is possible to add to the basic insurance package, which is often the most affordable option.

We also recommend

  • Accident insurance (ulykkesforsikring): this insurance covers the financial consequences of an accident.

Other optional insurances

  • Buildings insurance if you are a homeowner (usually combined with fire insurance for buildings)
  • Comprehensive motor insurance (usually combined with compulsory third-party motor liability insurance)
  • Life insurance (employees at Aarhus University are covered through their pension scheme)
  • Private health or medical expense insurance
  • Unemployment insurance (requires membership of unemployment insurance fund)


Read more about private insurance on the Work in Denmark website

Travel insurance for short-term stays

Aarhus University cooperates with the private insurance company Bupa Global, which provides worldwide coverage on health and travel insurance. You can also take out health, travel and personal liability insurance through Bupa Global for short term stays in Denmark. Read more about Bupa Global.

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