If you move address within Denmark, you must inform the Citizen Service (borgerservice) of your new address in the municipality that you move to. You can do this in person or you can complete the appropriate change-of-address form (flytteanmeldelse) on the website of your new municipality. You must do so within 5 days of you moving into your new home.

Also, you must inform the Danish Post Office of your move and provide them with a forwarding address in order to keep receiving your mail. This can be done in two ways; either online at ePosthuset or at the Post Office.

  • You can change your address online with your NemID at ePosthuset. This option is only in Danish.
  • Or, you can go to the Post office, where they have a form you need to fill in and hand over. Remember to bring some identification e.g. your passport. Find the nearest Post Office and opening hours.

Remember to notify the Post Office some days in advance.  If you choose ePosthuset the process will take 4 days, before the address will be changed, and 5 working days if you go to the Post Office.

What to remember when moving out

There are certain things to remember when leaving and/or selling a property. You should remember to:

  • Read the meters (electricity, water and heating)
  • The oil tank if you have one
  • Cancel standing bank orders, insurances, subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals, club memberships, etc.
  • Hand in all your keys

The figures (on the meters and oil tank) should be sent to whoever verifies the arrangement, or to the landlord’s administrator of a rented residence.You should also notify the utility companies of the change of owner and/or tenant, and of the figures on the meters.

For specific advice on owned property and rented property, see Work in Denmark.

Pass on your landlords contact details to The International Housing Office, or give our contact details to your landlord

New international colleagues are always arriving at Aarhus University and they all face the common and sometimes daunting problem of finding a place to call home. Therefore, if you have enjoyed staying in your apartment and your landlord has enjoyed having an international person/family as a tenant then we need your help to encourage your landlord to contact us. This is so that we can try to help fill the vacancy that you leave behind with another international, and in need, AU colleague.

All you need to do is pass on the International Housing Office’s contact details to your landlord when you hand in your accommodation’s contract termination notice and tell them to contact us with details of their lease, so that we can suggest a suitable tenant. This will help both the new AU employees but at the same time it will make life easier for your landlord, who does not have to worry about the hassle of having to advertise their property. 

Get your landlord to contact the International Housing Office:

or send them directly to our Housing Site:

1650 / i43