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Photo: Lars Kruse /AU

2017.11.20 | Staff

Opening hours between Christmas and New Year

The International Centre, International Academic Staff Services, immigration authorities, and ICS are closed between Christmas and New Year.

2017.11.15 | Staff, UIC

ForeningsMentor International – ClubMentor

New initiatives for children who wish to attend a club or association.

AU Foto

2017.11.14 | Staff

The choice is yours - vote in the university elections today!

Use your right to vote and influence which candidates will become members of your local board of studies, academic councils, PhD committees and the AU board. The deadline to vote is Thursday 16 November at 16:00.

Educating highly qualified researchers is an important task for Aarhus University, and in this connection understanding how PhD students experience the conditions offered by their programmes as well as their organization is decisive.

2017.11.13 | Staff

Are you satisfied with your PhD programme?

Until November 27 all PhD students at Aarhus University can participate in a new survey with the aim to provide an in-depth understanding of the quality of PhD programmes throughout the university.

2017.10.30 | Staff, UIC, PhD students

The CED Scientific Art Contest

A contest that targets people involved in science or research activities in any discipline at any level. Organised by the Society of Spanish Researchers in Denmark.

Photo: Lars Kruse

2017.10.30 | Staff, PhD students, UIC

Academic English Writing Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to help you improve your academic writing skills in English. Application deadline 16 April 2018.

Photo: Simon Jeppesen

2017.10.30 | PhD students, Staff, UIC

Intensive English Course in Denmark

AU offers a week-long intensive English course to enable you to improve your spoken English in a targeted and relevant way. Application deadline 20 March 2018.

AU photo

2017.10.25 | PhD students, Staff


PhD students, students, and academic staff at AU will elect representatives to the university's numerous councils, boards, and committees.

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