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2016.11.29 | UIC, Staff, PhD students

UIC Christmas Party: SIGN UP HERE

Sign up now for the UIC 19th annual christmas party.

2016.11.23 | UIC

Aarhus Dining Recommendations

Check out the 'Eating off campus' dining opportunities.

2016.11.23 | UIC

Aarhus Food Markets

Explore both indoor and outdoor food markets in Aarhus

2016.11.15 | PhD students, Staff

UIC Language Exchange

The UIC offers international staff and spouses the opportunity to practise Danish, English, or any other language, provided that a partner can be found.

2016.11.15 | PhD students, Staff

UIC International PlayGroup

International PlayGroup is arranged in collaboration with Dokk1, and is particularly for young children and their parents.

2016.11.11 | PhD students, Staff

New UIC Coffee/Tea Morning Club

On Wednesday 23 November UIC starts up a new Coffee/Tea Morning Club.

Lærdansk Danish Crash Course

2016.11.11 | PhD students, Staff

The last beginner Crash Course in Danish for this year

Dedicated to the international staff members of Aarhus University, as well as their spouses, who’d like to have a fast start-up in Danish.

Follow the results of the American election with International Community.

2016.11.02 | Staff

The American Election 2016 (International Community)

Join International Community and City of Aarhus on the morning of 9 November for a live coverage of the final moments of the American election. There will be presentations, an American inspired breakfast and networking.

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