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Getting Started in Denmark

Getting Started in Denmark is an event organised by AU International Centre. It offers orientation and registration for newly arrived PhD students, researchers and their spouses/partners. The event is held twice a month.

Get registered in one visit

The event provides you with important on-arrival information and provides you the opportunity to get registered with the public authorities for your EU residence certificate, CPR number and tax card - all in one visit. The goal of the event is to aid you in making a smoother transition to Denmark.

Sign up for the event

The deadline to sign up is Thursday before the event at 12 noon.
All participants including children must sign up individually for the event.

Sign up for coming events:

If you are bringing a spouse/partner

Please note that spouses and partners are also welcome to join, but they must sign up separately.

If you are bringing children

If you are bringing children please send us a separate e-mail stating how many children you are bringing, how old they are, whether you wish to have your child in a child seat in the taxi, whether you are bringing a buggy and whether you are bringing a nanny. We need to know this when we order the taxi to take you to the International Citizen Service.

If you are bringing your child/children with you to Denmark, the child/children must also appear in person when you register for your CPR number and submit your application for an EU residence certificate (EU citizens only).


Who can participate?

Getting Started in Denmark welcomes newly arrived AU employees and their spouse/partner and children. All family members must show up in person to register and families with children are usually prioritized to be first in line.

All participants including children must sign up individually for the event.

Accompanying spouse/partner - EU citizens

Accompanying spouses/partners, who are EU citizens, will not be able to do their registration at the event. They will, however, be able to initiate the application process and will then have to wait 2-4 weeks to get their CPR number. 

We recommend all including spouse/partners no matter nationality to participate in Getting Started in Denmark.

Geographical coverage

Getting Started in Denmark is focused on new AU employees and their accompanying family residing in the greater Aarhus area (see list of municipalities). If you are residing outside the greater Aarhus area, please notice that the International Helpdesks in Foulum and Roskilde also offer assistance with registration upon arrival in Denmark.

Meeting point and transportation

The participants are requested to meet in the foyer at AU International Centre:

International Centre, Aarhus University
Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4A,
8000 Aarhus C

After a short introduction and sign-up they will be taken to the International Citizen Service (ICS) located at the city stream ("åen"), address: Åboulevarden 31, 1., 8000 Aarhus C. If you have special requests or needs for the transport by taxi (children’s chair, if you are disabled etc.), please let us know well in advance by e-mail.

Please notice that International Centre organizes the transport from AU to ICS, but participants are kindly requested to get back to AU by themselves. The walking distance back to International Centre is 1.5 kilometres and a map is provided as well as information on how to call for a taxi.

Programme and venue practicalities

08:15      Welcome and transportation to the ICS

08:45      Submission of requested documents to public authorities

09:15      Orientation by Lærdansk and AU International Academic Staff Services

09:55      Orientation by Work in Denmark

10:15-?   Registration at public authorities

               Individual questions

The registration procedure takes 20-45 minutes plus waiting time. The waiting time is dependent on the number of Getting Started-participants and the number of persons waiting to get registered at International Citizen Service.

Families with children are usually prioritized to be first in line.

A small selection of toys and games for children are available during the Getting Started-event.

Getting Started is free of charge and complimentary coffee, tea and water will be served. The participants are, if necessary, kindly requested to bring additional refreshments, fruit or food for their own consumption.


See the invitation for spring 2017

Power Point Presentation

See the presentation by AU International Academic Staff Services

What to bring to the Registration at ICS

There is a number of documents you must bring in order to successfully register with the public authorities. The required forms, documents and certificates depends on your nationality.

See what you have to bring to get registered

Since all the required documents, forms and certificates are necessary to get registerd, please be carefull to consider which documents you have to bring and prepare them and complete the required forms before attending the Getting Started-event.


EU/EEA citizens are strongly encouraged to submit documents beforehand

Procedure for EU citizens to apply for their EU residence card before the Getting Started in Denmark event

Procedure step by step to be taken minimum 7 days before the event

  • Complete the OD1 form. It is important to clearly state in the OD1 form or the cover letter that the EU residence certificate will be picked up at International Citizen Service West and clearly state the date when it will be picked up (the day of the Getting Started event).
  • Gather the required documentation (Be aware that the arrival-form and the tax-form are not to be submitted in advance but you have to bring them with you on the day of the Getting Started event).
  • Send in the OD1 form and documentation to the Regional State Administration 

Notice: If possible, please bring copies of the submitted documents and the completed OD1-form with you at the Getting Started-event.

See the list of documents that are required and must be submitted with the completed OD1-form

How to send in the documents

The form and required documentation should be sent to the State Administration in Aarhus at the latest 7 days before the Getting Started in Denmark event. This allows the State Administration to process the Registration Certificate in advance.

Send in the form and documentation to the Regional State Administration by e-mail to or send the form and documents by mail to:

Statsforvaltningen Afdeling Aarhus
Lyseng Allé 1
8270 Højbjerg

International Centre can assist you

You are welcome to bring the documents by the International Centre and we will be happy to assist you with scanning the documents and sending them for you:

International Centre
Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4
8000 Aarhus C

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10am – 2pm

Why this procedure?

The registration process is the most time consuming for EU/EEA citizens due to the processing of the registration certificae. However, EU/EEA citizens have the opportunity to prepare and submit the documentation and forms in advance and therby save time during the registration process on the day of the Getting Started-event.