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Translations of official documents

Can I get help with translations of official documents?

Aarhus University has a framework agreement with the translation bureau Amesto Translations, and has worked with Amesto to design a one-stop-shop solution for translations of official documents for the university’s researchers and students. This service is not free, but Amesto offers special low prices to employees and students.

Aarhus University does not translate official documents for employees or students, and does not provide references to specific translators working in specific language combinations.

Amesto Translations – a one-stop-shop

Amesto Translations can provide the university’s students and employees with certified translations of official Danish documents, and will handle legalisation by the Danish Chamber of Commerce and apostille endorsement as well. Read more about certification, legalisation and apostille endorsement 

If you need foreign documents translated, you are welcome to contact Amesto Translations if you cannot find a suitable translater in the country of origin. However, we cannot guarantee that Amesto Translations are able to handle the assignment, and it is your responsibility to inform them about possible requirements for legalisation and certification. 

How do I order translations?

Send the document(s) by e-mail and state

  • Requested delivery time and any other relevant information
  • Your affiliation with Aarhus University

Amesto will then send you a quote and estimated time of delivery.

Contact information:

Hans-Christian Lotz
Senior Project Manager

Office: +45 60 98 12 84
Main: +45 70 26 93 93
Amesto Translations A/S 


  • Translation: Depends on the amount of text
  • Stamp from the Danish Chamber of Commerce per document: DKK 200, - VAT excl.
  • Apostille from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where relevant: DKK 200, - VAT excl.
  • Courier/transport: approx. DKK 1.000, - VAT excl. Estimated cost.
  • Shipment: approx. DKK 120, - VAT excl. Estimated cost.

Please note that Amesto requires payment in advance from private clients.

Other suppliers

If you need an alternate supplier, we recommend that you use a translator who is a member of the Association of Danish Authorised Translators and Interpreters (Translatørforeningen) or Danish translators (Danske Translatører).  You can find qualified translators on the websites of both organisations:

Translators who are members of these organisations are still officially licensed by the Danish Chamber of Commerce to certify the correctness of their translations.

Legalisation and certification of official documents

In most cases, translations of official Danish documents must be:

  1. Legalised by a notary public or the Danish Chamber of Commerce
  2. Endorsed with an Apostille (see Apostille countries and countries outside the Apostille Convention)

Please note that many countries still require certification of the accuracy of the translation by the translator as well. Moreover, some countries require an additional endorsement from the country’s embassy, which may incur extra costs.

Please note that it is your responsibility to investigate the requirements of the host country. 

Read more about legalisation  


Until the Danish authorised translator certification scheme was abolished on 1 January 2016, it was necessary to have official documents translated and certified by an authorised translator (statsautoriseret translatør), in order for the translations to be valid as legal documents. The abolition of the scheme means that in principle, anyone can call him/herself a translator (translatør) and translate official documents.

Formerly, authorised translators could certify their own translations and (when necessary) send them directly to the Foreign Ministry for endorsement with an apostille. The process is more complex now, which is why AU has made an agreement with Amesto Translations to offer this service to employees and students.

A note on translations of official documents to Danish

If you need official documents translated to Danish, the Danish agency, institution or ministry in question can advise you on their requirements. Please note that it is your responsibility to investigate the requirements for the specific documents in question.

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