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Relocating to Denmark

Import of goods and pets

Read about the taxation and custom rules for importing goods and the rules and requirements if you wish to bring animal products or a pet with you to Denmark under Import of goods and pets

Map of AU locations

On the AU building map you can find all AU locations as well as canteens, guest houses, lecture halls, libraries and more. 

See the AU building map

Moving your personal belongings

Custom regulations 

If you move to Denmark, get married or acquire personal belongings by inheritance, your personal belongings may be introduced duty-free. You are not liable to pay VAT if you meet the conditions that apply.

Read more about custom regulations on the Danish taxation authorities (SKAT) website 

Moving companies

Travelling to Aarhus

Aarhus University has made an overview of different travel opportunites when going to Aarhus.  

See the Getting to Aarhus and Aarhus University page

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