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Do you need help to find a club or association in Aarhus?

Are you new in Aarhus and looking for a club or association where you can practice your favorite sport? Or are you interested in trying out a new activity while also meeting new people? Then this offer might be just right for you!

2018.08.29 | Sofie Swienty Andresen

International Community would like to help you find a club or association that matches your interests in your area of living, and based on your answers, we will provide you with the right contact information. Regardless of whether you’re interested in trying out football or yoga, or whether you would like to improve your photography skills, join a choir or something completely different, we can help you find the right club or association. Apart from being able to practice your interest, joining a club or association is also a good way to meet Danes and make new friends. 

If you would like International Community to help you find a club or association, visit International Community’s webpage, and fill in the survey

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