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New law about Danish Education came into effect on 1 July

What are the consequences of the new law? What Danish courses can I now take? How do I make an informed decision? Read more about the new law and its consequences.

2018.07.06 | Anne Pletschette Langer

Lærdansk courses

A2B courses

The new law about Danish Education came into effect on 1 July. The law means that you now have to pay for the Danish Education, which was earlier free. There is, however, still an option to take free Danish courses at AU called FVU.

The implications of the new law about Danish Education 

The Danish Education is the Danish language course offered by the Municipality of Aarhus. Ealier the offer was free, now you must pay a fee of DKK 2,000 per module (5-6 modules in total), plus a deposit of DKK 1250. The fee is determined by governmental regulations. Payment is required to begin every module.

As earlier you have 5 years to finish the Danish Education, which takes a maximum of 3½ years to complete by use of the voucher system. Read more about the voucher system on the Lærdansk website and A2B website

What does the Danish Education include?

The Danish Education is organized in 5/6 modules. Each has specific goals for the Danish language skills that participants learn during the module. Between modules, there is a test that you must pass in order to continue to the next module.

The Danish Education ends after module 5 with ‘Prøve I Dansk 3’, which equals level B2. You are tested in all skills (oral, writing and reading). After ‘Prøve I Dansk 3’ you may continue to module 6 and ‘Studieprøven’, if you have the proper level of Danish. Studieprøven is required if you wish to take a university education in Danish.

The Danish Education is subject to a number of rules. Read more on the Lærdansk website 

The Danish Education in brief

  • Deposit: DKK 1250
  • Fee: DKK 2000 per module
  • Consists of 5-6 modules
  • You finish each module with a mandatory test
  • You are tested in all skills
  • The Danish Education is concluded with ‘Prøve i Dansk 3’, which gives you certain formal rights
  • You have 5 years to pass the education with the right to 3½ years of teaching

Danish courses (FVU) – a new free offer

FVU stands for preparatory adult education and is a new free offer, which is currently only offered by Lærdansk. FVU is a series of five courses (Start, 1, 2, 3 and 4), which gives access to the same educations and tests as the Danish Education. With FVU you will gain Danish language skills above level B2. If you wish to take Studieprøven (required if you wish to take a university education in Danish), you need to take a qualifying screening at Lærdansk.

It is always possible to do Prøve i Dansk 3 at a cost, and it is always possible to change between FVU and the Danish Educaton (within 5 years of initiating your Danish education). 

FVU does not fall under the Danish Education law and therefore has no strict rules on what subjects to cover. Therefore, teaching will be based on what is needed in your everyday life at work and in your free time.

After each course, it is possible to take a test. Tests are however not mandatory in order to continue to the next course/level. You are mainly tested in your writing skills, not in oral or reading.

The FVU courses require some basic knowledge of Danish before you can start. Lærdansk therefore offers a preparation course for FVU, which costs DKK 1250. After the course you must do a screening before you can start the FVU course. 

FVU in brief

  • Free
  • Consists of 5 courses/levels 
  • Tests are voluntary after courses 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • You are tested in your writing skills
  • Level 2 and 4 tests give the same formal rights as the Danish Education
  • Requires a basic level of Danish to begin

Important if you wish to change from FVU to the Danish Education

It is possible to change between the Danish Education and FVU systems, but be aware that you only have 5 years of right to Danish Education. This means that when you register and pay, you have 5 years to complete all modules of your Danish education. The clock is ticking from the first time you register and pay the fee. At FVU there is no time limit to complete the Danish courses and FVU is not dependent on the time limit.

Who offer the courses?

AU has cooperation agreements with Lærdansk and A2B. Lærdansk offers courses both within the framework of the Danish Education and FVU. A2B offers courses within the Danish Education and plans to offer courses within the FVU framework during autumn.  

AU recommendations on which courses to choose

We recommend you to contact both Lærdansk and A2B if you or your accompanying spouse/partner are interested in learning Danish. They can tell you more about their offers.

Lærdansk and A2B are both subject to the new law and therefore you have to pay for the Danish Education with both providers. 

Lærdansk courses

Courses throughout the year with fixed locations and times that suit your needs

  • Crash courses – a two week beginner course – WITH FEE
  • Semester courses – typically at continuing level with FVU - FREE
  • Semester courses at both beginner and continuing levels with the Danish Education – WITH FEE
  • Special courses for Nordic speakers – WITH FEE
  • 100 % online Danish education – WITH FEE

A2B courses

Courses at your convenience with flexible times and locations

  • Two-week intensive Danish course at all levels – WITH FEE
  • Full Danish course at all levels – WITH FEE
  • Special courses for Nordic speakers – WITH FEE
  • Special courses for accompanying spouse/partner – WITH FEE

Further information

For further information about Danish courses, contact the course providers Lærdansk and A2B

Read more about Danish courses

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