One of the cheapest ways to have access to a car in Denmark is through a carsharing association. The carsharing association is like a club, where you become a member and gain access to the common pool of cars. The association is non-profit, so the expenditure is kept to a minimum.

There is a fee for joining a carsharing association and an insurance fee as well you will have to pay. These fees are only paid once, when joining. The rest of the time you only pay a low monthly fee, and gas when using the cars. In order to join an association, you must be over 23 years old and have had your driver’s license for at least a year.

We recommend the car association LetsGo. They have cars placed in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, in Aarhus, Greve and Herning. You make a resevation online and pick it up from a parking lot near you. The size of the cars varies, so they fit most possible needs. Read more about LetsGo membership and prices

There are many upsides to carsharing. The cost for one. Owning a similar car would cost 40.000 – 50.000 dkr a year, whereas you only pay the annual fee. The environmental effects are also significant. Car sharing reduces the amount of cars polluting, as approx. 5 users can share 1 car.

If you need to drive everyday it might be a better and cheaper solution to buy your own car. Also if you only need the car few times a year, then you might be better off renting a car those few times. But all in all carsharing is a great alternative to buying a car.




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