Car leasing

If you are in Denmark a longer period of time and want to know your car-expenses in beforehand, leasing might be an opportunity. Leasing is like long-term rental, where you pay a given amount a month for using a car. Repairs, insurance etc. is included in the price. The only thing you pay extra is the mileage. In recent years leasing cars to privates has become widespread, perhaps because of the flexibility of changing cars every 2-3 years and predictability of the expenses.

You lease a car by contacting a leasing service and putting down a payment of approx. 10.000 dkr – 20.000 dkr. Then you pay a monthly fee of approx. 1500-3500 dkr a month, depending on the cars original price and how much you intend to drive. For each car an average monthly mileage is set, based on your own assumptions. If you exceed the predefined mileage, you will need to pay an extra fee. If you driver less than approximated, you will get a refund. Often discount cards on gas are included in the price, reducing your expenditure. The leasing contract often runs for a period of three years.

Leasing sites:

Terminalen (in Danish)

Budget Minileasing (in English)

Koch Biler (in Danish)

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