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University International Club (UIC)

University International Club

Your weekly social and cultural meeting place for Internationals, Danes and their families

Coming events

Fri 25 Apr
10:30-12:00 | The Main Library, Hovedbiblioteket, Møllegade 1, 8000 Aarhus C
UIC: PlayGroup
International PlayGroup at the Main Library
Wed 30 Apr
10:00-12:00 | Dale T. Mortensen Building 1650, Meeting Room 1, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4, AU Campus
UIC: Language is the key to integration
Deputy Head Marianne Jensen and Chief Consultant Martin Wind, both from Lærdansk Aarhus, will give a presentation on the importance and the possibilities of learning Danish. Click for details.
Wed 07 May
10:00-12:00 | Dale T. Mortensen Building 1650, Meeting Room 1, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4, AU Campus
UIC: The Danish Author Steen Steensen Blicher and “The Rector of Veilbye”
Seminar on the Danish author Steen Steensen Blicher (1782-1848)by Professor Henrik Skov Nielsen, AU Centre for Fictionality Studies. The seminar will concentrate on St. St. Blicher and especially on the text 'The Rector of Veilbye'.

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UIC video: What is the UIC and what does it do?

UIC Free Language Training

  • The UIC assigns participants to a language and/or culture training partner, for example to meet up and train once a week.
  • Both danes and internationals are very welcome to participate in the language training, because we need both groups in order to be able to make good partnerships
  • Contact us and let us know what languages you speak and would like to practice, and we will find a training partner for you. E-mail Gitte on
  • The further details are up to you and your language partner - you arrange how often and where you meet.


UIC welcomes everyone!

  • UIC welcomes everyone - staff, spouses, singles, couples, families and children.
  • UIC is for people from all nations, backgrounds, languages and ages. All are welcome.

What is UIC?

  • We offer a place to network and weekly seminars with social, cultural and HR-related topics. All these activities can be found in our programme.
  • UIC also offers other activities such as PlayGroup, Dinner Club and more.
  • Read more about the UIC here.

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