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Additional activities

UIC International Playgroup

Playgroup is arranged in collaboration with Dokk1 and is for young children and their parents.

  • We are a community that always welcome new members, whether you are completely new to Aarhus or have lived here for a long time. Please join us! Both Internationals as Danes are welcome to connect, to share experiences about life with yung children and life in Aarhus.
  • Find the UIC International Playgroup on Facebook. Here you can stay up-to-date about upcoming events and activities.

Every Friday from 10:00 to 12:00

Hack Kampmanns Plads 2
8000 Aarhus C
View location on map.

Indoor: Go to Level 2 to Room 0-3 years area, open for all users e.g. not only us. (take elevator to level 2 or use the ramp. Available are play installation with slides & climbing, mats, couches, and fine selection of toys. Picture books in English are in a separate Picture book area.

Sarah Nightingale at
University International Club - UIC at

UIC Language Exchange

Free language training for international staff and spouses. 

The UIC offers international staff and spouses the opportunity to practise Danish, English, or any other language, provided that a partner can be found.

When you sign up for the UIC Language Exchange, we will match you up with a partner who speaks your target language, and guidelines for a successful partnership, but the rest is up to you!

Usually, the exchange sessions are held once a week for one hour, with the time being divided equally between the two languages. The meetings can be held wherever and whenever suits you and your partner and the arrangement may last as long as you want.

Obviously, both Danes and internationals are encouraged to participate, since both are essential to creating good partnerships.

If you are new to Aarhus and/or Denmark, the UIC Language Exchange Project is a great opportunity for you to meet a new friend with whom to explore the city.

Then get in touch with the University International Club - UIC via to inform us of your:

  • Name
  • Target language and
  • Native language.

Quick facts

  • The UIC assigns participants to a language and/or culture training partner
  • Usually meet up once a week, for one hour
  • An informal arrangement, where you an your partner decide on where, when and how often to meet

UIC Nights' Out

Join the UIC Nights' Out – a monthly event.

The vision for the UIC Night's Out is to provide a place to eat, meet and enjoy good food and international company - without the inconvenience of grocery shopping, cooking, setting the tables and cleaning the dishes.

We encourage everyone to participate in a cosy evening and get to taste some good beer, coffee, wine, food, or whatever you feel like.

It is about enjoying time together with your fellow internationals, and get to know some more people in your surroundings.

To accommodate everyone, please send an email to Susanne Pheil in advance. Or try your luck – we all want to meet you again or for the first time. Any questions or suggestions for a place to meet up (for approximately 20 people) on the next night out, please contact Susanne Pfeil or the University International Club - UIC.

UIC Book Club

Join the UIC Book Club in English

The UIC Book Club is subsequent to the great interest in forming a club where we together can enjoy reading as pastime. Participants from the last meeting will decide on a book to read (and discuss) for the next meeting. Whoever wants to join – please come, you are all more than welcome to participate.

UIC Book Club Set-up

All who are enjoying reading books as a pastime are more than welcome to join for a cosy time among other bookworms. Autumn comes with colder weather and long evenings, and for many of us, this is the time of the year where books become increasingly irresistible.

Reading books can be a fantastic exsperience, and maybe some enjoy to discuss some of the readings or have suggestions for readings. Books can be a source of enrichment, amusement, and entertainment. Book clubs have often led to friendships, and therefore this initiative is to welcome all to get together for a "hyggelig" (cosy) time reading books, and form the basis for a UIC Book Club in English. 


If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact either:  

Joy Dias
Line Bager
Lene Bekker Lassen

8481 / i43