UIC Coffee & Games

Let's "hygge" at the Royal Danish Library on Campus! If you enjoy a good atmosphere, come join us for coffee and board games - and meet and greet fellow internationals.

2018.10.01 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Date Fri 30 Nov
Time 16:00 18:00
Location Royal Danish Library (Det Kgl. Bibliotek), Victor Albecks Vej 1, 8000 Aarhus C (we meet downstairs)
Board games

Board games

Please, indicate here that you would like to join us.

Coffee, games and networking

The UIC Coffee & Games is an initiative for internationals to meet, exchange information on how it is to live in Aarhus, and to inspire and encourage one another - and of course, to have fun playing games together! Whether you are a regular UIC participant, or it is your first time, our informal and cosy meetups are a chance to dip a toe into the community of internationals in Aarhus. The UIC aims to encourage a positive atmosphere, and to create room for internationals as well as Danes to share experiences living as an international in a foreign country. Feel free to bring any game you would like to introduce us to. Also, it is possible to buy cheap and very good coffee at the Royal Danish Library, where we will meet.

As we meet up in the Coffee & Games group, UIC Volunteer Joao Marcelo Evangelista Belo will teach a game from time to time. Also, it is perfectly fine that participants bring a game of their own - maybe some have a game from their home country, which they would like to bring and play. This is a great opportunity to get to know other internationals at AU and in Aarhus, and to share our culture with one another. Next time we meet for coffee and games, Joao will teach us the board game named Carcassonne.

Who can join?

AU staff and spouses, friends, children, internationals and Danes - all are welcome.

Meet us at the Royal Danish Library to:

  • Get to know fellow internationals (and Danes)
  • Have coffee or tea with us
  • Play (board) games if you like - or simply watch if you prefer so
  • Enjoy the "hyggelig" atmosphere
  • Ask any question, or share any experience as an international in Aarhus
  • Share a (board) game with us from your home country if you like - this is a good way to get closer to the many different cultures

Since the Royal Danish Library is conveniently located on AU Campus, you can take the opportunity to visit the new library garden on the 1st floor, explore the areas downstairs: Boxing room, massage chairs, playstation, music room, and study areas (all free to use by everyone!). Or if you feel like it, take the opportunity to find a good spot in the library cantine for lunch with new acquaintances when we finish at lunch time.

When and where?

Friday 30 November 2018, 16:00 - 18:00 (4 - 6 pm)

We meet downstairs in the Royal Danish Library on AU Campus. Look for people enjoying coffee and playing games!

Det Kgl. Bibliotek (Royal Danish Library)
Victor Albecks Vej 1
8000 Aarhus C
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We kindly ask you to indicate here if you would like to participate. Thank you.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact UIC Volunteer Joao Marcelo Evangelista Belo.

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