UIC Party

Bring your children and family to a party, and experience some of the Danish holiday traditions. Sign-up required.

2017.12.21 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Date Wed 07 Feb
Time 15:00 17:30
Location Stakladen (Canteen at the AU Student House), Nordre Ringgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C
Having fun


Celebrating in Denmark

Believe it or not, the UIC Party has been moved once more.
All are invited for a party with fancy and funny outfits - children as well as adults.

We at the UIC soon need a success to prove our sincere intentions. Moving the date twice is not wise! But please remember that we pursue the dream of throwing a party. Since the UIC Christmas Party had to be cancelled we have looked into what could compensate for such an event.

For many nothing is like Christmas. However, with the date 7 February we are close to the Danish Fastelavn (Shrovetide), and therefore we want to invite you all for a party with fancy and funny dresses for children as well as for adults. Some are so gifted when it comes to outfits that we have started looking forward to seeing creations! All in our broad network are invited!

Having fun

This UIC Party aims to give you the opportunity to enjoy and experience some of the many Danish holiday traditions performed both over the time of Christmas as well as the Danish Fastelavn (Shrovetide). We will get together, and have lots of fun with songs, games, and a light meal.

When and where

Wednesday, 7 February 2018.
3-5.30 pm.

Stakladen (the Canteen at the AU Student House),
Nordre Ringgade 3,
8000 Aarhus C.

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Sign-up required

Please sign up for the event via AU Webshop by Monday 5 February. We are looking forward to see you all!

If any questions, feel free to contact Gitte Haahr-Andersen.

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