Coronavirus/covid-19 information for international staff at AU

Aarhus University is following the current Danish government guidelines

Due to the recent spikes in coronavirus cases in Denmark, Aarhus University is following the newly recommended government guidelines. Please check with your respective department about their reopening time frame and procedures. 

If you are planning to come to Denmark, we urge you to read the information provided here closely. Border restrictions due to the coronavirus are still in place and are being continually updated. You should also check with your Aarhus University contact person as to which guidelines and procedures need to be followed to enter Denmark in order to take up your position at AU. 

Read the latest announcement from Aarhus University 

Covid-19 requirements from the Danish Health Authority

Requirements from the Danish Health Authority 

In addition to documenting a worthy purpose to enter Denmark, if you are entering Denmark from a high-risk banned country, you must present proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival into Denmark. You must bring with you this declaration of a negative Covid-19 test, which must be signed by a doctor or medical professional. Find the declaration form to use for the negative test 

It is a good idea to get testet once you arrive in Denmark, especially if you are feeling any symptoms, or if you feel that you might have been exposed to Covid-19 during your travel to Denmark. You can get tested at the airports upon arrival.

In addition, you can look here to find where walk-in Covid-19 test centers are located.  If you have a NemID, you can book an appointment for a Covid-19 test here

Current Requirements on Face Masks

You must wear a face mask when travelling on public transportation (planes, trains, busses and ferries), and when entering transport stations and airports. In addition, you must wear a face mask when entering restaurants. A face mask or shield is not required when you are seated.

From 29. October, the requirement to a wear a face mask or shield has been extended to apply in retail shops and at educational, cultural and recreational institutions.

These requirements hold until the end of 2. January 2021.  

Read more about face mask requirements

Read more about the corona restrictions

Entry restrictions to Denmark

Researchers, guest researchers, PhD students and guest PhD students with valid work and residence permits and/or employment or enrollment letters are allowed to enter Denmark without any restrictions. 

Family members (spouse and children) accompanying the above mentioned group of people are allowed to enter Denmark without any restrictions as well. 

For further details please refer to the Danish police and the Danish Immigration Service, SIRI

Documentation required

Persons who have a worthy purpose to enter Denmark must be able to demonstrate the purpose for entering. They must show documentation, such as a valid Danish residence card, identity card, health insurance card ("yellow card"), housing lease, employment contract or payslip.

It is therefore very important to carry a copy of your AU employment contract if you are traveling to Denmark to commence a position at AU. If you are returning to Denmark from a stay abroad, you must carry proof of your Danish residence (residence card, yellow card etc.).

Accompanying partners and family members are strongly advised to carry their residence permit (non-EU/EEA citizens) and any documentation for their current residence (residence card, yellow card etc.) or future residence in Denmark (in addition to the main person's employment contract, housing lease etc.).

Proof of negative Covid-19 test

Make sure to read our section on current requirements from the Danish Health Authority

If you have questions, please contact the IAS Relocation Team



For non-EU/EEA Citizens - work and residence permits

Recording of biometrics:

The normal 14-day deadline for biometrics has been extended for applications submitted in September, October and November 2020 to 4 weeks from the date you submitted the application. 

Entering Denmark:

If you are not able to enter Denmark no later than 6 months after issue of your residence permit, your permit will normally automatically expire. However, due to this extraordinary situation, it will be possible to apply for an exemption from the regular lapse of permit. For further details, check immigration’s official website about Corona.

AU Guest Researcher Service

Contact AU Guest Researcher Service for questions on residence and work permits.

If you need to leave Denmark - work and residence permits

For non EU/EEA Citizens

If you have not yet received your pink residence card and need to leave Denmark and come back again, make sure to apply for the re-entry permit before leaving the country else you may not be allowed to reenter Denmark. 

See immigration’s coronavirus webpage for further information and updates

 If you need to leave Denmark to work from your home abroad/in your home country, please be aware of some important issues with respect to insurance and IT. See further and detailed information on the AU coronasite.

 Please also check whether your Danish work and residence permit will expire, if you give up your address or stay out of Denmark for more than 6 months.

AU Guest Researcher Service

Contact AU Guest Researcher Service for questions on residence and work permits.

If your current residence permit is about to expire

Important information from immigration’s corona webpage:

“As a rule, you must leave Denmark before your residence permit expires. If you are unable to leave before the expiry date of your residence permit due to the coronavirus/COVID-19, you must thereafter leave Denmark as soon as possible. The immigration authorities will disregard that you have stayed beyond the duration of your residence permit, if this has been caused by your inability to leave due to closure of flight routes etc. caused by the coronavirus/COVID-19.”

Alternatively, you have a few other options to stay: apply for an extension of your current permit, or apply for a new permit as a guest researcher. Both alternatives requires certain conditions to be fulfilled and they must be discussed with your employer. Please note that both alternatives require submission of a new application before expiry of your current permit.

AU Guest Researcher Service

Contact AU Guest Researcher Service for questions on residence and work permits.

Short Term Visas

Due to the closing of Denmark’s borders, the processing of short term visa applications will be based on whether your country of residence is classified as 'open' or 'banned'. If you are a citizen of a country with a short term visa requirement, and you live in a ‘banned’ country, you must have a worthy purpose in Denmark in order to get a short term visa.

Read more about open and banned countries as well as worthy purpose on the police's COVID-19 webpage and more about worthy purpose also on immigration’s corona website.

Regardless of whether you live in an open or banned country, you must still meet the ordinary requirements for a short stay visa.   

It is recommended that you contact the local Danish mission before you apply for the short term visa to know whether the Danish mission is open to receive applications or not.

AU Guest Researcher Service

Contact AU Guest Researcher Service for questions on short term visa.

Registration offices are open

Check the relevant offices for current opening hours and appointments:

Trips and stays abroad

If you are planning stays abroad or other types of travel in the time to come, and if you have questions in relation to this, please contact your immediate supervisor.

Aarhus University follows the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark’s guidelines. 

Read also the information on travel insurance on the page for staff members

News in English

Internal news channels

At the International Academic Staff Services we use different channels to communicate recent news and updates about AU and the more general situation: 

UIC Newsletter

The UIC Newsletter is sent out every other Tuesday at 12:00. The information is for international staff, guest researchers and PhDs at AU, accompanying partners and families. Special issues have been made during the current period, which can all be found in the UIC newsletter archive 

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UIC Facebook page

The UIC Facebook page provides general information posts and updates 

External news channels

The following are some of the most relevant news sources in English, besides those from the authorities like Politi and SST.  

Corona in Denmark is a very complete, yet unofficial, source of information. They also have a Corona in Denmark Facebook page   

The Post Facebook page

The Local Facebook page  

Your Danish Life Facebook page 

The International  

The page contains no recent news but more opinion.   

Corona Denmark  

Information is available in almost 30 languages.  

Denmark News  

Denmark News is an app which gathers all news about Denmark written around the world.