Coronavirus/covid-19 information for international staff at AU

Aarhus University is reopening

Aarhus University is in the process of reopening. This will take place in several stages over the next months and will be put into effect carefully by the different faculties and departments as per the AU guidelines. Please check with your respective department about their reopening time frame and procedures. 

If you are planning to come to Denmark, we urge you to read the information provided here closely. Governmental restrictions due to the coronavirus are still in place, but are being continually updated. You should also check with your Aarhus University contact person as to which guidelines and procedures need to be followed to enter Denmark in order to take up your position at AU. 

Read the latest announcement from Aarhus University 

Entry restrictions as of Saturday 14 March 2020

Researchers, guest researchers, PhD students and guest PhD students with valid work and residence permits and/or employment or enrollment letters are allowed to enter Denmark without any restrictions. 

Family members (spouse and children) accompanying the above mentioned group of people are allowed to enter Denmark without any restrictions as well. 

It is currently not possible to apply for short term visas. Therefore business trips, study trips as well as ordinary family visits, tourist visits, etc., do not constitute a worthy purpose for non-EU citizens to enter Denmark.

For further details please refer to the Danish police and the Danish Immigration Service, SIRI

Train and ferry services are fully operational, but air services might still be partial or fully closed. Please check with each individual airline.

Documentation required

Persons who have a worthy purpose to enter Denmark must be able to demonstrate the purpose for entering. They must show documentation, such as a valid Danish residence card, identity card, health insurance card ("yellow card"), housing lease, employment contract or payslip.

It is therefore very important to carry a copy of your AU employment contract if you are traveling to Denmark to commence a position at AU. If you are returning to Denmark from a stay abroad, you must carry proof of your Danish residence (residence card, yellow card etc.).

Accompanying partners and family members are strongly advised to carry their residence permit (non-EU/EEA citizens) and any documentation for their current residence (residence card, yellow card etc.) or future residence in Denmark (in addition to the main person's employment contract, housing lease etc.).

Prepare your AU contact for possible notification

As part of the border control, the border officers might ask to contact AU for further information on your affiliation with AU and the purpose of your travel into Denmark.

It is therefore advised that you can provide contact information (phone number) of your AU contact (e.g. your superior, host or administration staff tied to your position at AU). You should also notify your contact person  that they might be contacted outside of regular working hours.

Contact information for AU employees can be found via AU phonebook.

Information from the Danish Authorities

Please also refer to information from the Danish authorities about corona virus/covid-19 in Denmark at The website provides the most updated information from Danish authorities on entry restrictions tied to the Coronavirus/covid-19 precautionary measures. 

Information at is authoritative to information on AU-websites.

Recommendations from the Danish Health Authority 

You are strongly encouraged to stay at home for 14 days after re-entering Denmark, if you have travelled to a country or a region that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has banned. The 14-day quarantine does not apply if a negative covid-19 test can be presented.

Read more on the Danish police webiste

AU Guest Researcher Service

Contact AU Guest Researcher Service if you have questions about entering Denmark as an AU employee or guest.


For non-EU/EEA Citizens - work and residence permits

Information about work and residence permits from the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI):

  • SIRI's Citizen Centres are reopening. As of Wednesday 27 May SIRI’s Citizen Centres will be reopened for personal enquiry. This means that it will be possible to have biometrics recorded again, apply for an EU residence permit, re-entry permit etc.

    Remember that you need to book a time at SIRI before going there; walk-ins are not possible. 

  • The 14-day deadline for biometrics is postponed until 31 August 2020. The SIRI website will be continuously updated if things change.

  • SIRI is processing applications as normal. However, a prolonged response time can be expected.
  • If you are not able to enter Denmark no later than 6 months after issue of your residence permit, your permit will normally automatically expire. However, due to this extraordinary situation, it will be possible to apply for an expemption from the regular lapse of permit. For further details check immigration’s official website about Corona.
  • SIRI is continually updating its Coronavirus page on its website, get the latest information here.

AU Guest Researcher Service

Contact AU Guest Researcher Service for questions on residence and work permits.

If you need to leave Denmark - work and residence permits

For non EU/EEA Citizens

SIRI’s Citizen Centres have reopened for personal enquiry. It is now again possible to get a re-entry permit, if you need to leave Denmark before you have your pink residence card. If you have not yet received your pink residence card and need to leave Denmark and come back again, make sure to apply for the re-entry permit before leaving the country else you may not be allowed to reenter Denmark. 

See SIRI’s coronavirus webpage for further information and updates


If you need to leave Denmark to work from your home abroad/in your home country, please be aware of some important issues with respect to insurance and IT. See further and detailed information on the AU coronasite.

If your current residence permit is about to expire

Important information from SIRI’s corona webpage:

As a rule, you must leave Denmark before your residence permit expires. If you are unable to leave before the expiry date of your residence permit due to the coronavirus/COVID-19, you must thereafter leave Denmark as soon as possible. The immigration authorities will disregard that you have stayed beyond the duration of your residence permit, if this has been caused by your inability to leave due to closure of flight routes etc. caused by the coronavirus/COVID-19.

Alternatively, and if your employer agrees and you have the possibility to extend your employment, you can apply for an extension of the current permit. Another alternative is, if an extension of your employment is not possible, you can ask your employer whether a continued stay as, for example, a guest researcher is possible. As a guest researcher you must be able to document that you can support yourself financially. In the case of a stay as a guest researcher, a work and residence permit as such must be applied for. Please contact the Guest Researcher Support for further information and assistance at

Please note that both alternatives require submission of a new application before expiry of your current permit.

Short term visa

There is now a temporary suspension to receive short term visas

Due to the current restrictions on entry into Denmark, it is temporarily not possible to apply for a short stay visa to Denmark from abroad as of 20 March 2020 and until 31 August 2020 (incl.). This means that applicants cannot fill in an application online or hand in the application at a Visa Application Center (VAC) or Danish Mission.

Applicants who have handed in their short stay visa application at a Visa Application Center or Danish mission prior to 20 March will have their cases processed.

In urgent cases where an applicant has to travel to Denmark before 10 May and has a worthy purpose for entering Denmark, the applicant can contact the relevant Danish mission.

For more information, please see SIRI's webpage

Registration offices and police stations are reopening

Check the relevant offices for current opening hours and appointments:

If you need to see a doctor

A general practitioner doctor is your main point of contact with the healthcare system in Denmark for non-emergency incidents.

The general practitioner will give you a referral in cases where further examination or treatment by a specialist or at a hospital is needed.

If you become ill outside of your doctor’s opening hours

Contact the emergency doctor service (Lægevagten) if you become ill outside your doctor’s opening hours.

  • If you live around Aarhus or Viborg, you need to call Region Midt (Central Region) at tel.: +45 7011 3131.
  • If you live around Copenhagen, you need to call Region Hovedstaden (Capital Region) at tel.: +45 1813
  • If you live around Roskilde, you need to call Region Sjælland (Region Zealand) at tel.: +45 7015 0700

Follow the instructions on the phone, which are also in English.

Do I have to pay, if I need to see the doctor?

As soon as you are a registered resident in Denmark for a period of more than three months, you have the right to receive national health service treatment for free.

  • If you are not registered as a resident in Denmark due to the current situation, you can still receive medical treatment in Denmark. However, be aware that you might need to pay for the treatment:
    • If you are an EU/EEA citizen, you need to bring the blue EU health insurance card to see the doctor. This is proof that you are entitled to free healthcare on equal terms with Danish citizens. You may have to pay for treatments, but you can have this money reimbursed from your home country.
    • If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you need to pay for healthcare services yourself. You may be able to get your money reimbursed upon registration, but this depends on which municipality you live in.
    • We strongly advise you to secure a good travel insurance.

Further information on Danish healthcare services

If you have questions or need further information, you are welcome to contact International Academic Staff Services (IAS) at or tel.: (+45) 9352 2140.

Danish Language classes

If you need information about cancellations or the status of your Danish language classes, please check your provider’s website or contact your provider directly for the most current updates.

Trips and stays abroad

All non-essential travel in Denmark as well as abroad has been stopped.

If you are planning stays abroad or other types of travel in the time to come, and if you have questions in relation to this, please contact your immediate supervisor.

Aarhus University follows the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark’s guidelines. 

Read also the information on travel insurance on the page for staff members

News in English

Internal news channels

At the International Academic Staff Services we use different channels to communicate recent news and updates about AU and the more general situation: 

UIC Newsletter

The UIC Newsletter is sent out every other Tuesday at 12:00. The information is for international staff, guest researchers and PhDs at AU, accompanying partners and families. Special issues have been made during the current period, which can all be found in the UIC newsletter archive 

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UIC Facebook page

The UIC Facebook page provides general information posts and updates 

External news channels

The following are some of the most relevant news sources in English, besides those from the authorities like Politi and SST.  

Corona in Denmark is a very complete, yet unofficial, source of information. The homepage cannot be accessed if you are on the AU VPN. They also have a Corona in Denmark Facebook page   

The Post Facebook page

The Local Facebook page  

Your Danish Life Facebook page 

The International  

The page contains no recent news but more opinion.   

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Information is available in almost 30 languages.  

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Denmark News is an app which gathers all news about Denmark written around the world.