Cultural Awareness Programme

Workshops - Living and Working in Denmark

International Academic Staff services offers workshops designed to give you insights into Danish culture, as well as into your own beliefs and stereotypes about culture in general. The strategies and tools introduced in the workshops can be used to adjust to life in Denmark, but can also be applied to many different intercultural contexts. By attending a workshop, you can learn more about the origins of Danish cultural norms, as well as discovering your own blind spots. The goal is for you to become more culturally aware and to acquire strategies that can bridge any cultural differences. Our workshops contribute to the aim of promoting cross-cultural understanding and cultural diversity at Aarhus University.

  • The workshops are for all Aarhus University international staff, including PhDs, as well as for their spouses / accompanying partners.
  • The workshops are free of charge, but registration is required.

10. September - Danish Living Crash Course - FULL

This workshop is facilitated by the Living Institute Copenhagen. The format is a 3-hour ‘crash’ session that reflects on the history of Danish cultural norms, as well as investigating behaviour in culturally diverse contexts. Participants learn practical tools and strategies to work and act ‘culturally intelligent’ in daily life, as well as when collaborating in an international cross-cultural environment.

Read more and register for September 10th, 2020

8. + 28. October - Cultural Awareness ‘Deep Dive’

Facilitated by C3 Consulting, this workshop is for those that have a little more time and want to take a ‘deeper dive’ into cultural awareness. The format consists of two (3 hour) sessions. In between the two sessions, there will be some ‘cultural investigation’ tasks, and the second session allows for a deeper reflection and a bit more time to learn the tools and strategies you can use in many different cross-cultural contexts.

Read more and register for 8. October (part 1) and 28. October, 2020 (part 2)

24. November - Working Cross-Culturally at Aarhus University

This workshop focuses on cross-cultural collaboration within the Aarhus University context. Facilitated by the Living Institute Copenhagen, specialists in applied diversity intelligence, the benefits of cultural diversity and inclusion within an international work environment are emphasized. Danish AU staff members are encouraged to attend together with AU International staff members. Participants learn practical tools and strategies on how to work and act ‘culturally intelligent’ when collaborating cross-culturally in order to enhance performance and work satisfaction.  

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Bespoke Workshops

If you are interested in a tailored cultural awareness workshop for an AU department or research group, we can consult with you on organizing this. Please contact Vibeke Tyrre Pedersen,, phone: +45 40878974 or Lisa Topelmann-Weder,, phone: +4525580670, mobile: +45 9187 8537 for further information or questions.