Career Counselling


Our career counselling services include individual career counselling. We identify competences and help to open up for new perspectives, use personality type tests (JTI), LinkedIn, networking, provide feedback on your CV and cover letter, and provide job interview coaching.

Career counselling is offered as a one-on-one session which is confidential and independent.

Individual career counselling and job search strategy

As part of our counselling we offer:

  • Competence assessment
  • Objectives, strategy and plan A, B, C
  • Review CV and cover letter
  • Jobsearch channels and Danish job market
  • Danish culture and work culture
  • Communicating success stories
  • Job interview training
  • Network strategy and learning how to network
  • The elevator pitch
  • Solicited or unsolicited applications
  • Internships/wage subsidies

Competences and success stories

Be aware of and share your success stories. They are a good way of showing your competences and documenting the results that you have created yourself. Don’t tell it, show it!

Success stories are stories about situations in which you have succeeded or made a difference. You can use success stories when you define your job goals and what is important for you to thrive in a job and organisation.

They are useful in your CV, cover letter, job interviews and networking.

Targeted CV and cover letter

A focused and targeted CV and cover letter significantly increase your chances of getting closer to a job interview.

To become relevant and interesting to companies, your application material must be customised to suit the job, industry and company for which you are applying.

Your CV must be easy to read. Always remember that the people reading it may have to read 100 CVs for each job, so the key words must be absolutely relevant and easy to track.

To help you stand out and make a personal CV, you should produce a clear professional and personal profile with relevant information and focus on relevant competences.

Motivation in your job search

Searching for a job is a full-time occupation and is hard work.

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated:

  • Structure your week and set realistic daily goals
  • Create a support network
  • The law of averages – stay active and research
  • Enjoy the process and do things apart from your job search that motivate you

The elevator pitch

When we meet people for the first time, we quickly get an impression of who they are and what we think about them. That is why it is a good idea to practise presenting yourself briefly and precisely, helping to give a convincing and confident impression.

Your elevator pitch is a great tool to use in all networking situations.

The elevator pitch

  • Is a short presentation of you, your competences and ambitions.
  • Presents your professional accomplishments, the common thread running throughout all the jobs you have had, and your transferable skills – especially the ones in which you really excel.
  • Focuses on your essential skill set and the abilities you have developed during your previous employment.

Job interview and assessments

Preparing for the job interview includes focus before, during and after the interview. We go through the different parts of the interview and prepare you to make the best possible impression.

This includes how to prepare for the interview, how to structure and show your competences, what you should do at interviews (and what you should NOT do), success stories, your questions, and the difficult questions you might not want to get!

You will also be introduced to a variety of assessment methods.

Here are the most important things to remember at job interviews:

  • Be well-prepared
  • Show empathy
  • Show presence

Be sure you can answer the important questions the interviewer will ask you:

  • Motivation for applying for the job
  • What motivates you
  • Success stories
  • Strengths / points to work on
  • Relevant qualifications
  • Plans for future development

Strategies for networking

Networking in Denmark is important, a good way to meet potential employers over a cup of coffee. Your network is probably bigger and wider than you think.

Learn how to expand it and use it. Denmark is a small country with 5.5 million people, and you will find out how closely connected people are because companies and organisations are smaller and more transparent in Denmark than in other countries.

You are actually networking all the time, whether you are aware of this or not. Make a list of all the people you know and how they are related, and the web of contacts will be impressive.

Having just arrived in Denmark, you will have to start building up your network, and we will give you advice on how to do this.


LinkedIn is a great and very important tool and is widely used in Denmark. You will be checked out on LinkedIn when you apply for job – solicited or unsolicited. It is also a great tool for establishing a network and searching for relevant jobs, companies and personal networks. And not least it is a great tool for you to search for information on people, companies, jobs and industries.

Starting you own business

It is relatively easy to set up your own business in Denmark, and there are several services assisting startups with knowledge of practicalities, courses, workshops and advice. We can help you find your way to start-up environments in the local area.

Voluntary work

If you wish to undertake voluntary work, we will help you to find the right opportunities within your field of interest.