Coaching during transition

Service packages

We assist you from the moment your partner or spouse has been recruited to the time you arrive, during your stay in Denmark, and even if you decide to leave again. We also help Danes who are returning to Denmark after a period abroad. This is sometimes even harder than it was to leave Denmark in the first place.

Knowledge of Danish culture and working conventions is vital if you are to understand your new cultural context.


If you have not decided yet whether Denmark should be your next move, you can get information in the recruitment phase about your opportunities in Denmark as a spouse or accompanying partner, as well as information about the Danish job market in general.

Before arriving

Before arriving we can provide you with realistic feedback on your possibilities in a Danish job context, and are happy to meet you in person or via Skype or telephone. We  will also connect you to other spouses and partners with similar interests, if possible.

The same goes for information about our network and partner organisations, and we can help you get an overview of the options for you in different programs for expat partners, that would be relevant to you.

On arrival

Depending on where you are in the transition process, we can meet and discuss your objectives, uncover, find or rediscover passion to find new paths. If you arrive here on visit, we will be happy to meet with you, and provide you with information about the options for you.

It is also likely that you will need time to settle before working with your own objectives – especially if you have children.

We will help you to identify your career goals and draw up an action plan on this basis, as well as assessing the cultural and personal differences you are likely to encounter in this new country.

While you are in Denmark

You can use our service at any time and you may prefer to settle in before asking for our career counselling or coaching.  

Your needs may also change depending on changes in your family, your partner’s job, or your own objectives.

You may need to join new networks or meet and see cultural differences from other angles.

When you leave Denmark

Leaving Denmark requires a new transition, and will help you prepare for the next step in your life concerning CV, experience, learnings to take with you and preparing for leaving.


Repatriation can be more difficult than integration. If you have been away on assignments abroad, we help you when come back and are going to use your experience and competences in another setting.