Taxation when stationed abroad

It is strongly advised to settle your taxes with SKAT (the national tax office) before you go abroad.

In the following links you will get an overview of how you are generally covered when you go abroad as a non-Danish citizen. Please note that these are very general rules, and you should always contact your local tax centre to enquire about your personal tax situation.

The most important things to look into are:

  • Whether you will retain full tax liability to Denmark (when you keep your accommodation in Denmark)
  • Whether you can be partially tax liable (when you cancel your accommodation in Denmark)
  • Whether your tax liability to Denmark will be suspended (you will be exempt from paying tax in Denmark)
  • The possibility for deductions on travel expenses



Information from SKAT when leaving Denmark

If you are leaving Denmark, it is important to clarify your tax situation before going abroad. You can find important information from the Danish Tax Authorities here:

Information for people who are about to leave Denmark.

Form to fill out when moving abroad.

Partial tax liability and tax exemptions

Read about partial tax liability and tax exemptions

Tax assistance from PWC

AU has a special agreement with PWC on advice packages in connection with in- and expatriation. Read the overvies of prices and services (pdf)

Further information

Read more about taxation for expatriates in this guide from KPMG. The guide is in Danish.