Foundation grants

If a foundation grant is awarded for study/research trips abroad and to cover particular expenses, then the foundation grant is exempted from taxation. The following are considered valid expenses:

  • Documented travelling expenses between Denmark and the study/research country. If travelling in your own car or motorbike, the rates for deduction for travelling between home and workplace can be claimed.
  • Usual expenses for board and lodging, and minor necessities at the study/workplace. These expenses are calculated either as the documented actual expense or by standard rates. For 2012 the standard rates are:
    • DKK 455 a day for board (limited to 12 months at the same place) and
    • DKK 195 a day for lodging
  • Payment for classes, participation fees and the like, including courses in the language of the study state.

NOTE – Even though the the grant amount might cover expenses for accompanying wife and children, it is only the expenses of the PhD Scholar/researcher that are covered by the tax exemption.

The scholar will be liable to pay tax of the part of the grant that exceeds the expenses mentioned above.

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