CV Writing & Competency Mapping, hosted by the International Employment Unit Aarhus

Do you want to make sure that your CV is strong, easy to understand, and aligned to the Danish style?

2020.12.27 | Mathilde Brøndum Reeh

Date Thu 15 Apr
Time 13:00 15:00
Location Online

Then sign up for this webinar which presents a brief outline of the key elements that you should include in your CV with examples and tips on how you can best present yourself to future employers. This webinar also includes an introduction to the competency mapping process, which will present you with ideas and inspiration on how you can get started with identifying, prioritizing, and targeting your key competencies.

How to register for this webinar?

To register for the webinar, please send an e-mail to the International Employment Unit at Jobcenter Aarhus,

In the e-mail, please state the name and the date of the webinar you would like to join. 


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