Important about getting started in Denmark and registration for AU staff

Are you a new international staff member at AU? Do you need help to register for your CPR number? Then the IAS can help you.

2020.12.11 | Anne Pletschette Langer

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At IAS, we offer to take a 1:1 session with you in order to help you prepare for registration with the public authorities. 

The meeting will typically include:

  • Review of documents required to be registered
  • Review of the procedure for registering
  • Answering questions related to arrival in Denmark

We encourage you to contact us to set up a meeting. Contact International Academic Staff Services (IAS)

You can also book a time yourself via our online calendar. Visit the online IAS calendar

Who do we help?

At IAS we help all international members of staff: from PhD students and postdocs to professors, guest researchers and accompanying families.

About International Academic Staff Services (IAS)

IAS is a service function for AU'S International employees and their accompanying family. The IAS assists with a wide range of tasks in connection with moving to Denmark and working at AU. We can help with questions about work and residence permits, childcare, registration, Danish courses, cultural training, jobs for accompanying partners, visits from visiting scholars and much more.

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