Important notice about registration in Denmark

Due to the situation concerning Covid-19, the procedure of getting a CPR number in Aarhus has changed from December 10th, 2020.

2021.01.07 | Anne Pletschette Langer

Yellow health insurance card.

The yellow health insurance card is documentation that you are covered by healthcare in Denmark. It contains your CPR number. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.


The DOKK1 citizen service in Aarhus has closed for physical appearances and the the International Citizen Service is closed. It is still, however, possible to get a CPR number by phone. 

EU citizens should book a time with SIRI as quickly as possible 

EU citizens need to book a time with the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) in order to submit the application for EU residence and get an EU residence document. Registration for EU residence is a requirement before you can apply for a Danish CPR number.

At the moment there is a long waiting time with SIRI and it may be difficult to get the time you wish.

We advise all international EU citizens who are expected to arrive within the next 4 weeks to make sure to book a time with SIRI as quickly as possible. 

How to book a time with SIRI

You can book a time via the SIRI booking system, where times are released on an ongoing basis. 

EU citizens need to choose the category "I am applying for residence under EU rules" in the SIRI booking system.

When to book a time with SIRI

You can book a time before you are in Denmark, and before you have completed the application form for EU residence (the OD1 form). 

You can only book a time 4 weeks ahead, so it is a good idea to check in the morning when new times are released.

How to get a CPR number with the Citizen Service in Aarhus

In order to get a CPR number, you must call the Aarhus Citizen Service at 89 40 10 30 (Monday-Friday 10-14, Thursday 10-16). They will help you get registered. This applies whether it is your first time applying for a CPR number or if a CPR number has been issued to you before.

Please note that you need to live and stay in Denmark before you can register for your CPR number. 
Please do not appear at DOKK1.  

Who to contact about registration

If you have any questions about registration, you are welcome to contact Anne P. Langer,, Vibeke Tyrre Pedersen, or Vibhuti Bhushan,  

Read more important information related to the COVID-19 situation on Coronavirus/covid-19 information for international employees and guests at AU

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