Aarhus Børnehøjskole

At Aarhus Børnehøjskole children get the opportunity to unfold their creative minds and be their own little persons. Volunteers contribute massively to this amazing project for children in the Aarhus area.

2018.10.01 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Aarhus Børnehøjskole

Aarhus Børnehøjskole

A place for all children

Aarhus Børnehøjskole is a folk high school - but for children only. Children in the age 6-13 years old can join any course they like, and meet and greet fellow children from around the city. The school is located at Nørre Allé 44, 8000 Aarhus C - right in the heart of Aarhus.

This folk high school for children is a living house with creative courses and learning activities spread throughout the week all year round.

Courses and Teaching

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music and Drama
  • Play and Technology
  • Gastronomy

Why is this a good idea?

The aim is to make the world bigger for the smallest. This is done by allowing children to meet the Danish high school thoughts of community, formation, and dignity. Furthermore, the aim is to give children a place where they can practice being curious about themselves, each other and about life. Aarhus Børnehøjskole is for all children - no matter who you are or what you believe in. 

The point is for the child to learn something, but more importantly: be something for others in a community where it is not about showing what the single child can do, but about being your own person.

About the project

Principal Jacob Solsø Holm gave the UIC an excellent tour around the building, and told a lot of interesting history behind the whole project. Most of the project runs by the contribution from volunteers; it is volunteers who teach all courses, and if you or someone you know have skills in any of the courses mentioned above, you are more than welcome to contact Jacob Solsø Holm at Aarhus Børnehøjskole.

We, at the UIC, were very impressed, and hope to arrange another tour at Aarhus Børnehøjskole in the spring.

Staff, UIC