Are you still not as good at Danish as you wish to be?

From January 2019 at A2B, you will be able to take FVU courses, if you wish to improve your reading.

2018.12.18 | Anne Pletschette Langer

A2B Work, Live and Speak Danish

Photo: A2B

FVU Danish is Preparatory Adult Education, which focuses on reading and consists of five steps: 

  • FVU start
  • FVU Reading 1
  • FVU Reading 2
  • FVU Reading 3
  • FVU Reading 4

It requires a certain basic level of spoken and written Danish language skills to study FVU.

There is an initial screening of each participant in order to decide, which level of FVU, the student is to attend. 

FVU Start

The teaching has three goals:

  • To improve verbal communication skills.
  • To improve and increase writing skills in Danish.
  • To improve participants’ prerequisites for reading - through rea­ding and writing preparation

FVU Start aims to improve participants’ skills in spoken Danish, in order to participate in FVU Reading. 

FVU Reading steps 1, 2, 3 and 4

FVU Reading is particularly suitable for participants who need to improve their written skills.

There is limited work with the spoken language skills.

According to the legislation, FVU Reading is primarily about reading, spelling and written preparation according to the FVU Executive Order, however, at FVU - Reading step 1, the participants increases his vocabulary. 


FVU is free and students can follow both FVU Start and FVU Reading regardless of how long they have been in Denmark. 

How to?

If you are interested in either FVU or the ministerial Danish education feel free to contact international coordinator Marie Steiness for help: 27611639 mail:

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