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Get to know the Danes

Are you a Ph.D student or Postdoc? Would you like to meet and get to know a Danish family? Make some Danish friends? Then sign up and join us at the start-up event on Monday the 19th of November.

2018.10.28 | Lene Bekker Lassen

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Internationalize with Aarhus

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Aarhus University andStudenterhusAarhus are once again organizing the successful Internationalize with (Aarh)us, where we match Ph.D. students and postdocs with Danish families. 

In short, the project is a dinner club, where you are offered a Danish contact family (a Danish employee from one of the participating companies + his/her family) that can give you a unique insight into the Danish culture outside academia, while you share your own culture.

Why should you join? 

It is a unique opportunity for you to get to know everyday Danes and build a social network outside of your workplace. Past participants have said:

  • “I think the program … provided me with an opportunity to get into the Danish society and learn Danish culture ".
  • "It gave me a tiny window to escape from my university routine and meet great people."
  • “Thank you! I have Danish friends now!”

How to sign up? 

Send an email to Sigrun Schaumburg-Müller before November 6th.We will send you a short questionnaire, and then match you with a Danish family. As there are a limited number of families, we will select among all incoming applications to assure the best matches. We will let you know about your host family in advance before you meet them at the start-up event on November 19th

Practical info

The programme runs from November 2018 til May 2019. It includes: 

  • The kick-off event on Monday November 19th17:30-21:30 in Studenterhus Aarhus, 

Nordre Ringgade 3, Aarhus, where you will meet your host family and we will eat dinner together.

  • 3 dinners with the Danish host families between November 2018 and April 2019.
  • One company visit to the companies where the Danish employee works.
  • One visit at your workplace, Aarhus University (organised by the International Centre).
  • A Grand Finale event in early May 2019.

You plan the individual activities and schedule with your Danish host family. 
However, it is a requirement for participation that you can attend the start-up event on November 19th

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