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International Mothers in Aarhus

Are you a mother? Join this facebook group for international mothers in Aarhus, and enjoy sharing motherhood experiences, or organise meet-ups with each other.

2018.11.07 | Lene Bekker Lassen

Mother and child

Facebook group for mothers

The facebook group international mothers in Aarhus allows to share various experiences about being a mother in this little city. It does not matter where you come from, how old you are, or maybe you are a mother-to-be. All international mothers in Aarhus are welcome to join the group, and get some good advises from other mothers.

The group intends to be a fun and interactive space, where international mothers can exchange interesting information, and not at least their motherhood experiences. Also, mothers can organise some get-togethers if they feel like it, or create their own mother groups to meet up regularly.

The group is getting bigger everyday, and of course, like in all facebook groups, there are also rules in this one in order to maintain the purpose of the group:

  • Only mothers can be accepted to join the group
  • Preferably, the subjects that is shared in the group should be related to family, mothers/women, and children
  • Any commercial subject - if you want to buy, sell, or swap anything - please post it in the other page of the group: International mothers Aarhus Buy, Sell, Swap

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