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New beginner course sign-up and no more FVU courses for AU staff

2019.04.09 | Daniela Trifiletti



Module 1 beginner course at AU Campus 

Sign up for a Danish beginner class at AU campus – twice a week at 6.00-7.30 PM – starting soon. Please contact if you are interested in joining. Other news: FVU classes are no longer an option for AU staff.

Change regarding FVU Danish courses: no longer an option for AU staff

The Ministry of Education has sent a letter to all FVU schools in Denmark to further clarify the interpretation of the rules regarding who can participate in FVU. It specifies that FVU is not an offer for adults with a higher educational background. This means that if you have taken an education at a Bachelor’s level (or higher), you cannot participate in FVU classes in the future. It also states that FVU-start is not an offer for those who still have Danish education right (those who have the option of taking Danish in the module system via the municipality).

Danish Education (module system) at AU Campus and Ready Steady beginner course at Lærdansk

Lærdansk offers Danish classes in the module system (Danskuddannelse 3) at AU campus: module 1, 2, 3 and 4. If there are enough participants, we also offer alternative beginner classes called Ready Steady 1 and 2 at AU. If you prefer the Ready Steady course, you are also welcome to join this course at Lærdansk premises where we have even more schedules to choose between.

New courses by Lærdansk include:

 ”Speaking Danish” at various levels with a focus on everyday spoken language, conversations about work, news, society and other topics that the group finds relevant.

”Pronunciation course” focusing specifically on Danish pronunciation.

”Danish for teaching” focusing on the spoken language needed when teaching a class in Danish.

Lærdansk also offers one-on-one courses, online courses and even pre-arrival courses for staff and partners prior to arrival in Denmark. Read more about our courses on and contact if you’re interested in one of these.

Staff, Accompanying partners, PhD students