New Danish course at a high level of proficiency

Lærdansk aims to establish a new Danish course for academically trained internationals.

2017.03.15 | Lene Bekker Lassen


Lærdansk would like to establish a new course in the Danish language for academically trained internationals, who have worked for many years in Danish in Denmark, but who are not quite satisfied with their own proficiency in Danish. The course will first and foremost focus on pronunciation and conversation, based on the needs of the course participants, also on other aspects of the language. Tuition will be paid by the course participants, with a fixed price per lesson, which will be split among the participants enrolled in the course. Before Lærdansk commits to the content and quantity of lessons, they would like to know who and how many people would be interested in this type of course. This course will be open both to AU employees and employees at other companies in the Aarhus area.

If you are interested in the course or know someone who might be, please contact Dorotea Smesnjak,

UIC, Staff, PhD students