Notice: The spring semester is full of holidays!

Upcoming spring holidays is listed here. Avoid meeting up at an empy workplace.

2017.05.29 | Lene Bekker Lassen


Upcoming spring holidays:

Skærtorsdag (Maundy Thursday): Thursday, 13 April.

Langfredag (Good Friday): Friday, 14 April.

Store Bededag (The Great Prayer Day): Friday, 12 May.

Kristi Himmelfartsdag (Ascension of Christ): Thursday, 25 May. During this holiday many Danes take the opportunity to also turn this weekend into an extended weekend by taking off Friday, 26 May.

Pinse (Whitsun celebration): Sunday, 4 June and Monday, 5 June (2nd pinse day).

From here there are only a few weeks till the Public School Summer vacation. All in all these days off provide for great opportunity to spend time with friends and family, to go abroad, or to invite friends and relatives in from abroad.

Holiday and work:

As regards holidays in Denmark, this country is a quite good place to work. Compared to many other countries, we have not been giving up on any of the holidays since the reform in 1770, though it has been discussed over time. Many of the holidays are religious, which does not appeal to most Danes. But having more days off work makes people insist on the holidays. It might be a bit puzzling for newcomers to prepare for the different occasions, as well as to understand the reasons for an extended weekend. Last week was the winter vacation (week 7), and we will soon be in for the next vacation. How do Danes handle these chances of ‘breaks’ from the daily routines? And how does business deal with all these interruptions in their production programmes? Well, Danes plan it well. Employees act in time to make their holiday plans and wishes be heard. This means that a holiday falling on a Thursday, one can apply for taking Friday off in order to get an extended weekend.

Holiday rules: Danes with a fulltime job have the right to 25 days of vacation during the year, whereof three weeks have to be held between May and September. If you choose to take three weeks during the public school summer vacation there will still be 10 days left to use as you like. In some contracts, the employee has the right to 6 weeks of vacation, but this depends solely on one’s individual contract. Also, employees at AU are entitled to 2 paid childcare days per year until the age of seven (including the calendar year in which the child turns 7 years old. /i.e. the child’s first 8 years of life, - 16 days in total). Read more about the childcare days here.
Holiday compensation: By law it is possible to get compensation for ill days during a vacation. Ask your HR section for further advice.

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