Tax checklist

Tax checklist before arrival

Special tax scheme for foreign researchers

When you are recruited to Aarhus University as a researcher or a key employee you shall consider which taxation scheme you would like to work under. It will depend on your situation whether the special tax scheme is beneficial to you. Within 8 days of the obligation to deduct tax commencing, Aarhus University must contact the tax centre, and the Danish Customs and Tax Administration then assesses whether the employer and the employee fulfil the conditions for the special tax scheme (read more).

Tax checklist after arrival

  • When arriving to Denmark you have to register at the National Registry Office.
  • Hereafter you need to visit the tax administration authorities (SKAT - Skatteforvaltningen) in your local municipality and get an electronic tax card.

Remember to bring along the following when you go to the Danish Customs and Tax Administration for the registration:

  • information about your salary and pension
  • your purchase agreement if you have bought a property
  • bank details regarding interest income and expenses, foreign accounts, etc.
  • information about free benefits (free car or free board and lodging)
  • personal identification, e.g. your passport

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Checklist during your stay

Online submission of your tax return

In March or April you will receive a tax statement for the previous income year. It is up to you to check that the figures are correct. If they are correct, you do not have to do anything else. But if they are incorrect, or if some figures are missing, you must notify the Danish Customs and Tax Administration via E-tax our online self-service system (TastSelv) or by phone or via a tax return form.

Every time you receive your payslip, you should check that the figures are correct. You should also save your payslips until the end of the tax year and until your tax for the year has been calculated (on the annual tax statement). Your payslips are proof that you have paid tax.

When to change your tax information

It is important to get your tax card changed if you:

  • get a new job with substantially higher or lower pay
  • start your own business
  • are unemployed or on a pension, or retire early
  • change your marital status
  • buy or sell a house or apartment
  • convert or redeem loans, e.g. a housing loan
  • join a capital pension scheme or another private pension scheme
  • move, and the distance between your home and work is considerably longer or shorter (your transport allowance must be changed)
  • have significant changes in your capital income

How to change or file information

  • Your tax information can be found in your tax folder (skattemappe) via e-tax for individuals on the Internet.

Tax checklist when leaving Denmark

Clarify tax issues

When you leave Denmark to live in another country, your full tax liability in Denmark normally ends. There are certain things you should remember, such as sending in your tax form to the tax centre. For a full list of what to remember, see the tax website:

Information for people who are about to leave Denmark

Form to fill out when moving abroad