There are numerous opportunities to enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous greenery of Aarhus - below are some of the areas you can visit. Just click on the picture to read more.

Green areas in Aarhus

Riis Skov
Hasle Bakker
Nordre Kirkegård

Outdoor facilities

Aarhus Municipality has created an interactive map with the locations of all sorts of facilities. Since the map is in Danish, here are the English translations.

  • Bålpladser / Fire pits
  • Grejbase / Equipment base
  • Lejrskoler under B&U / School camps under Children & Youth department
  • Shelters / Shelters
  • Fitnesspladser / Outdoor fitness equipment
  • Grønne Udflugststeder / Locations for nature outings
  • Hundeskov / Dog forest
  • Kørestolsegnet rute / Wheelchair access
  • Mountainbikerute / Mountain bike routes
  • Naturarealer ved strand / Areas of nature by the beach
  • Parker / Parks
  • Rideruter / Horseriding routes
  • Skove / Forests
  • Træklatring / Tree climbing
  • UNO Friluftscenter / UNO Outdoor centre
  • Vandreruter / Walking and hiking paths 


Enjoy the water from dry land!


Den Permanente
Moesgård strand

 Aarhus is lucky to have many fantastic beaches both north and south of the city. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Den Permanente ('The Permanent'), located just a couple of kilometres north of the city centre. During the colder months, you can also join the Vikingeklubben Jomsborg which gives you access to the bathing house where you can warm up in the saunas after a dip in the water
  • Moesgård Strand, located 10km south of the city centre. This is one of the most popular beaches in Denmark with facilities including barbeques, grassy areas for ball games and a kiosk


In addition to the opportunities available on land and by the water, Aarhus has much to offer in the way of recreational activities on and in the water too. 

Den Blå Rambla

Click on the picture to see a trailer for the 2016 Blå Rambla Festival

Den Blå Rambla is a project created by the Minister for Culture and the Nordea Fund and driven by partners from various watery backgrounds - all of whom want to get the word out about the facilities available to Aarhusians and encourage them to take advantage of the glorious nature at their doorstep.

Partners include divers, SUPers, canoers and kayakers, kayak polo players, rowers, sailers, swimmers, triathles, to mention just a few.

Every year, they hold a festival of water activities as part of Aarhus Festuge.



Boat trips

Photo: Ålekvasen Anna
Photo: Aarhus SeaRangers

Ålekvasen Anna is a 110-year-old wooden ship which is taken care of by an association of volunteers. The association provides trips for individuals, businesses and organisations in Aarhus Harbour which can be personalised, depending on the customer's wishes. The ship has been used for historical cruises, exhibitions, concerts, wine tastings, lunch at sea, for teambuilding exercises, diving and fishing trips and as a way to experience the busy, but naturally beautiful harbour in a new way.

Aarhus Searangers offers a thrilling trip around the bay of Aarhus in an RIB. The trips are lead by a captain and a guide, who will share their knowledge, insights and enthusiasm for the harbour through stories about the local areas and marine biology.


Photo: Aarhus Jetski og Vandscooter Forening

The Aarhus Jetski and Waterscooter Association (Aarhus Jetski og Vandscooter Forening) provides a place to meet others with the same interests. They often help with providing safety for events held on the water, including the Aarhus Open Water and Swim by Sculpture by the Sea.