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Preparing to relocate to Denmark

Documents to bring

There are a number of documents you need to bring to get registered in Denmark. If you are married or bringing family, you need to bring documentation from your home country in officially translated copies (German, English or Scandinavian languages). 

Documents to bring to get registered

Additional documents to bring

US citizens only

  • Social security card (a requirement by FATCA to open a Danish bank account)


Everyone residing in Denmark for more than three months has the right to receive national health service treatment for free. This means that as soon as you are a registered resident here and have a CPR (civil registration) number, you have the same rights to medical assistance as Danish citizens. 

Before coming to Denmark we advise you to make sure that you are coverd by private healthcare until you get registered in Denmark. EU citizens should bring their blue EU health insurance card. We also advise you to bring your medical and dental records. 

Read more about healthcare under on arrival 

Holiday schemes

Under the Danish Holiday Act (Ferieloven), employees are entitled to 25 ordinary days of holiday and five special days of holiday. Holiday is accrued throughout the calendar year and must be taken in the year following the year of accrual (from 1 May the following year). This system of holiday is called staggered holiday.

Concurrent holiday

Under the Holiday Act, however, you may make an agreement on concurrent holiday with your employer for a maximum period of five years. According to the rules on concurrent holiday, the holiday may be taken while being accrued. On this scheme, thus, you have the right to holiday with pay from day 1. 

After five years under the concurrent holiday scheme, you automatically revert to the staggered holiday scheme.

How do I choose holiday scheme?

You will be asked which holiday scheme you wish to be on when negotiating your contract.

Special holiday is not covered by the rules on concurrent holiday. Special holiday is subject to the general rules set out in the state’s Holiday Agreement.

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When you work at Aarhus University you will be covered by workers' compensation insurance during your work time. However, it is your own responsibility to sign insurances to cover you during your free time. Some insurances are optional others mandatory. 

Please note that you cannot sign Danish insurance before you are a registered resident and have a CPR (civil registration) number. You should make sure that you are covered by private insurance, eg. a travel insurance, until you get registered in Denmark. 

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Learning Danish

Lærdansk pre-arrival online Danish Course

Lærdansk provides a pre-arrival online Danish course for future international staff and accompanying partners.

Please see the flyer for further information and signup 

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Pension schemes

International academic staff members have 3 different options of pension scheme:

  • Ordinary Pension Contributions Scheme - option for all international staff members employed according to the collective agreement for academics 
  • International Pension Scheme according to Section 53 A of the Pension Taxation Act - option for some academic staff members employed in accordance with the collective agreement for academics

  • Pension Exemption (pension contribution paid out as salary) for a period of maximum 5 years - option for some international researchers employed by the university on a fixed term contract

You need to decide which scheme you wish to be on before starting your work at Aarhus University.

It is your pension fund who can answer questions about the different schemes.  

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Tax schemes

Before you relocate you should consider your tax situation in Denmark. Your tax liability depends on a number of circumstances such as your position at Aarhus University, how long you will stay in Denmark, whether you will be employed or not and whether you will be a resident in Denmark or not. You can read more about taxation and how to contact the Danish tax authorities SKAT under Living in Denmark

Researcher taxation scheme

When you are employed at Aarhus University as a foreign researcher or a key employee you may under certain conditions be eligible for the special tax scheme for foreign researchers or key employees. On this scheme you will only pay a gross income tax of 27 percent (excl. the job market contribution) for up to 84 months (7 years) instead of the standard income tax.  

PhD students cannot be on the researcher taxation scheme. 

Please note that you need to decide whether you wish to be on the scheme before you formally move to Denmark.

Please inform the HR partner responsible for your employment contract whether you wish to be on the researcher taxation scheme or not. They will normally contact you regarding your choice of tax schemes in advance of your employment. 

Read more about taxation under Living in Denmark

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